The Evolution of E-Retail

How retail media networks are changing

In 2020, Merkle surveyed retailers, brands, and CPGs to understand attitudes around retail media networks (RMNs). A year later, and nearly two years into the pandemic, Merkle has repeated its research to learn how attitudes towards RMNs have continued to evolve.

This report digs into key trends, showing what’s changed with more players entering the space and increased privacy restrictions around first-party data. It looks at what’s motivating brands and retailers to pursue new ecommerce solutions and how they’re structuring their partnerships to drive success within this relatively nascent space.

Featured highlights include:

  • 81%
    of CPGs plan to spend more media dollars with RMNs in the next year
  • 80%
    of retailers sell to non-endemic brands and another 10% are thinking about it
  • 62%
    of CPGs want to work with RMNs for access to their first-party data