How Privacy, Personalization, and Brand Values Impact Behaviors

Normalcy used to describe a pattern at any point in time, but now marketers use the word exclusively to describe the past. Back when things were normal. How much of the environment has changed? That’s the key question on every marketer’s mind. In this year’s Consumer Experience Sentiment Report, we surveyed 1,000 US consumers to discover what today’s consumers want from brands they love.

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Along with following up on year-over-year consumer sentiment around privacy and personalization, this year we also delve into digital experiences and the role that authenticity and values play in the customer experience.

Download the report to discover our key findings and learn what this means for your brand. Here’s a sneak peek at the insights we will unpack:

  • 46%
    of consumers believe brands know too much about them compared to 51% in 2021
  • 55%
    of consumers can tell when a brand is not being authentic
  • 63%
    of 18-29-year-olds will use a brand’s mobile app if provided with an exclusive deal or product
  • 57%
    of consumers care more about a product being made in America than sustainable or manufactured ethically.