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Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (prDOOH) is one of the latest breakthroughs in the performance marketing field. One-to-many digital advertising now has a way to measurably breach the divide between in home and out of home advertising in an optimisable and targetable fashion.

The first jump in Out-Of-Home (OOH) technology was from print to screens, which gave advertisers more flexibility as they no longer had to wait for the next print cycle to start or end a campaign. Digital OOH added more freedom, but it still required negotiation with private parties, lengthy setup times, and a fixed pre-booking setup that may or may not be effective. prDOOH, on the other hand, brings even more flexibility. It uses programmatic technology to automate the buying, selling, and delivery of out-of-home advertising on digital billboards and signage. This allows advertisers to expose consumers to ads that they're most likely to be interested in, at the right time and location.

This technology not only enables larger companies to run more efficient campaigns, using their vast creative resources to produce creatives for multiple scenarios, but it also allows small and medium-sized businesses to enter the market, as budgets can be flexible to manage campaigns at varying scales. They can use this one-to-many resource to reach potential new customers while running on a flexible budget.

With this power does come risks, which a comprehensive launch strategy will avert. Helping to avoid a very expensive ‘scattergun’ approach, Merkle’s international growth consultancy team can provide go-to-market strategy and opportunity, complemented by expertise in international localisation. A consultation with the team will act as a conduit to realise current market position, insights, and suggestions for where to expand internationally (to optimise product reach), and a website audit of the health of a company’s current online presence. These services aim to develop market maturity while expanding reach in an efficient manner.

Quantifiable data allowing for a continuous cycle of improved campaign efficiency.

prDOOH is the natural progression in OOH's evolution, and its data-driven nature provides the grounds for a recurring cycle of improvement. Here are the stages of the improvement life cycle:  

First steps to implement – Consulting Merkle’s International Growth team

Programmatic advertising enables companies to scale their campaigns internationally. However, successful market expansion requires expertise and strategic planning. Even with the increasing adoption of prDOOH, some businesses may still be sceptical regarding the effectiveness of a less measurable one-to-many strategy, especially those with budget constraints, such as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). That's where our International Growth Consultancy team comes in.

Our team of specialists can help you assess your brand's readiness to enter new markets and address any strategic, operational, and linguistic barriers that may arise during your international expansion journey. The benefits of expanding into new markets with a controlled and trackable form of marketing, such as prDOOH, include:

  • Growing incremental revenue by selling established products in new markets
  • Diversifying opportunities by exploring new geographies and addressing market saturation
  • Increasing visibility for niche products that struggle to gain traction locally

Becoming market ready is a complex process, but our International Growth Consultancy team puts market intelligence into action and empowers you to go global. We evaluate your market readiness for growth and provide actionable insights, allowing you to focus on innovation and strategic decision-making. This approach results in faster go-to-market times and successful expansions in the long run. Get in touch today

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