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The challenge

A huge challenge for a BWS brand was understanding how to integrate their retail media plans into their wider, and especially premium, brand strategy during Q4 2022.

Their retail media plans had historically been planned in silo away from their brand communication strategy which meant the overall consumer journey wasn’t seamless. The luxury and indulgence expressed in their brand communications was lost when consumers shopped their products in store. Dentsu knew that integrated planning was needed and the process identified retail media opportunities for the client that allowed us to create seamless and unified consumer experiences. 

The approach

Amazon were identified as a key partner that could help achieve the desired objectives. Our strategy re-focussed the approach away from optimising top-performing products towards hero products that were more premium, in line with the brand comms. Paid social, paid search, and display paths to purchase were all re-directed to Amazon Brand Stores pages where the experience showcased the luxury brand story right up to the point of sale.

The results

Dentsu’s Commerce Media team (in collaboration with Merkle, Dentsu X, and Dentsu Retail Media) integrated the brand and retail media planning process, driving a year-on-year 22% increase in sales over Q4 for the client.

Through this integrated planning approach, we not only helped our client increase their Q4 YoY sales, but also helped increase their product views by 88% and their ecommerce sales share by 44%.

Retail media is the third big wave of digital advertising after paid social and paid search, with a predicted €25bn global spend projected by 2026 and brands must seriously consider integrating their retail media plans into their wider brand strategies. Consumer shopping habits are shifting with almost two thirds of online product searches now starting on a retailer site. Retail media is very much here to stay and is an ever-growing vital touchpoint that can create meaningful moments between brands and consumers.