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It's our global culture which helps to make Merkle a unique place to work. Underpinning people-based marketing, our culture is made up of three key aspects, which provide us with a common language that spans our global footprint:

What We Want

What We Believe

What We Value

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Merkle, we believe that a diverse and inclusive environment improves us as a community and as a business. We want to foster an environment of growth, where ideas and contributions are actively encouraged. We need this culture of courage to continue to thrive in our fast-paced industry.

We have created seven DEI Pillars. Each pillar is made up of a community of members who serve as role models and spread a message of inclusion throughout our global workplace. Pillar members are responsible for planning initiatives, events and training, along with championing change within our business. These pillars are Gender, Ethnicity, Mental Health, Religion, Disability, LGBT+ and Parent & Carer.

Merkle is a place that embraces differences of opinion. We value diversity of experience and thought, which help us to challenge and define industry-leading solutions, supporting our goal of being a great place to work.

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Here at Merkle, we have worked hard to create a collaborative and open culture that spans right across our offices Globally. Year on year our Employee Engagement Survey continues to reflect the fact that our employees hold each other in high regard, with ‘I am treated with respect and dignity’ scoring the highest.

To create our unique culture we work hard to integrate our People both inside and outside the office. Whether it is a day 1 Buddy Breakfast or a weekly social event we guarantee there will always be something to pique your interest. From softball to saving bees, Easter egg hunts to painting parties, climbing the O2 to speeding down the Thames.

To peek inside our doors, take a look at our Instagram page that we feel perfectly reflects our sociable environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means different things to different people, but all have in common the running theme of doing some good! We see it as the umbrella term that covers D&I, Social Impact, Roots, pro-bono work, volunteering, fundraising and all the other great things that we do here at Merkle. We have the commitment of our leadership team who know that our future success depends on us working towards the shared interests of our employees, clients, suppliers, shareholders and the wider community and environment.

Therefore as one as the world’s leading advertising, communication and media groups, Merkle has impacts beyond its core businesses. So we created our CSR team to bring together our passionate and bright minded talent to give back to our local and global communities, work together on ways that we can take action to look after our environment, and educate those around us on how individuals and Merkle can have a positive lasting impact. We welcome all to be part of our #dreamteam!