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Consumers' Mandate for CPG Marketers

Use Your Corpus Callosum!

Whether comparing prices at the retailer’s shelves, making mCommerce transactions, or seeking advice from social connections, the mobile device is the remote control for life. Consumers are more connected and informed than ever. Their individual journey through exploration, purchase, and relationship is complex, unique, and continually evolving. Fed up with self-serving, mass-marketing sales pitches, consumers are issuing CPG marketers a mandate: “Be responsive, and design unique experiences that are all about me, relevant, and truly engaging.” We call this “people-based marketing.”

Finally, with consumer connected recognition (cCR) technology, CPG companies can have a direct dialog with their end consumers. Although sales are predominantly still completed at retail, addressable marketing and technology give CPG marketers an incredible opportunity to rewrite the rules for consumer engagement. Gone is the era of “Mad Men” relying on big ideas and mass media to deliver content and messaging. Today’s CPG marketers need to be “whole-brained” in their approach, balancing the measurability of behavioral science and analytics with the art of emotional engagement, branding, and storytelling.

CPG companies are looking to their marketers to provide quantifiable return on investment (ROI) and to show increases in lifetime value (LTV). Coupling CPG’s big idea marketing with big data and addressable platform technologies enables marketers to reach consumers on their own terms, with personalized content and contextaware, targeted messaging. Data-driven and with closed-loop feedback for every touchpoint, addressable platforms enable a granular measure of marketing performance but necessitate a host of new capabilities.

Marketers can maximize the business impact of “whole-brained, people-based marketing” by applying agile marketing capabilities to planning and executing CPG marketing campaigns. Adopting an agile marketing approach enables CPG marketing to be fast, responsive, and measurable — transforming the marketing function into a quantifiable, data-driven, ROI-focused function. Whole-brained, people-based marketing is the future. And it’s how the leaders will successfully differentiate themselves from the rest. At the beginning, this will likely require guidance from experienced partners who have the capabilities to make people-based marketing a reality — better engaging consumers, fostering long-term consumer relationships, and, ultimately, increasing their LTV.

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Key Takeaways

  • How to blend behavioral science and art to create powerful business results
  • The upside potential of "whole-brained" marketing
  • How to shift from legacy thinking for highest ROI
  • Cultivating consumers with agile marketing

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