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Merkle Launches 2019 Marketing Imperatives: A CMO’s Roadmap to People-Based Marketing

February 20, 2019
London, UK

Merkle (https://www.merkle.com/emea) a leading technology-enabled, data-driven performance marketing agency, has released its seventh instalment of its Marketing Imperatives, a guidebook for CMOs.

The 2019 Marketing Imperatives outline the building blocks of an integrated, successful people-based marketing strategy. The resource explores the fundamentals of integrating across strategy, technology, and execution to implement a customer-centric approach over time. It offers advice on how to accomplish this goal through the effective management and use of data from deliberate, informed interactions across channels and media. The Imperatives are available in a complimentary, downloadable book and supported by an upcoming webinar series hosted by Merkle’s UK Strategic Business Solutions team.

“Placing the customer at the centre of the business strategy is a top priority for CMOs but figuring out how to get there isn’t always clear,” said David Williams, president and CEO, Merkle. “The goal of the Marketing Imperatives is to advise CMOs in pursuit of this goal, providing actionable strategies for how they can reach it.”

The Marketing Imperatives provide a roadmap for implementing a people-based marketing strategy. The transformation depends heavily on the integration of key aspects of the marketing approach. Three essential pillars are outlined to guide CMOs on the path to growing their businesses and building competitive advantage.

1. Integrate your customer strategy – A foundation of planning will help marketers build a more complete picture of their desired audience, evolving the marketing strategy into a 360-degree customer strategy. The outcome is a roadmap for personalised engagements across media and channels, spanning the entire life cycle.

2. Integrate your technology stack – In addition to building this full customer profile, organisations should be focused on fully integrating their technology stack. The resulting data hub is the centralised facility for real-time receipt and distribution of customer data that also allows marketers to execute and modify marketing strategies.

3. Integrate your execution – Before embarking on this transformation, ensure the team has a clear vision of the integrated customer experience and enabling technology platform. This forms the basis of the plan, upon which you layer the people and processes required for execution. Remove the walls between organisational silos, while leveraging their unique capabilities. Clearly define, communicate, and measure every role and goal along the way.


“This year’s Marketing Imperatives outline the transition CMOs need to drive in order to place customers at the centre of their business strategy and adopt people-based marketing,” said Michael Komasinski, EMEA president, Merkle.

“By linking customer experience to data sourcing, management, insights and activation across a seamlessly integrated platform, brands can deliver relevant, contextual messages to their customers, wherever they appear in the marketing ecosystem. This guide provides the necessary steps required to achieve this.”


Marketers can visit the 2019 Marketing Imperatives webpage to download the eBook, and to register for the webinars.

About Merkle

Merkle is a leading data-driven customer experience management (CXM) company that specialises in the delivery of unique, personalised customer experiences across platforms and devices. For more than 30 years, Fortune 1000 companies and leading nonprofit organisations have partnered with Merkle to maximise the value of their customer portfolios. The company’s heritage in data, technology, and analytics forms the foundation for its unmatched skills in understanding consumer insights that drive hyper-personalised marketing strategies. Its combined strengths in performance media, customer experience, customer relationship management, loyalty, and enterprise marketing technology drive improved marketing results and competitive advantage. With 13,000+ employees, Merkle is headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, with 50+ additional offices throughout the Americas, EMEA, and APAC. Merkle is a dentsu company. For more information, contact Merkle at 1-877-9-Merkle or visit www.merkle.com.

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