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Software Design Engineer - Intern- Java

Location: Pune, .
Company Description:

At Merkle Sokrati you will learn how to build some of the most efficient backend stacks to power high performance apps. Get your hands dirty with, REST API, Postman Collections, Node libs, HTTP/2, gRPC, GraphQL. Understand API Design, Backends for Frontends, Microservices, SOLID principles like never before. Use techniques like Dependency Injection, IoC, AOP to write modular testable code. Monitor for performance, we take every microsecond seriously.  Learn how high-scale software design is done and then deploy it to production. 
Nothing at Merkle Sokrati is small. We start with an induction process which demands you to go through all phases of Agile development, right from Sprint Planning, to Requirement Walkthrough, Daily Scrums, Peer Code Reviews, Automated Tests, Sprint Demos, UAT with the client and finally Deployment to production. You are expected to be able to support your own development in Production as well, that’s real Devops for you. You will get to work firsthand, with our Multi-cluster deployments using cloud platforms like AWS/GCP. Yes we stress a lot on sense of ownership in everything we do.  
To achieve any of this you need to understand Distributed Systems, Algorithms and Data Structures, Database Scaling Techniques, but more importantly you should be willing to learn at a very fast pace and be a Team player not a lone-wolf. Not many interns can say “been there, done that”, but post this program you will.  

Job Description:

What would your day look like:  

  •  Implement solutions for broadly defined problems
  • Must have JAVA knowlegde.
  •  Be involved in full fledged product development.  
  •  Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and Build New Features, Push them to production fast.
  •  Be part of daily scrums, ideate and brainstorm solutions with Managers, Mentors and show off your convincing skills.
  •  Do peer code reviews, write automation tests, we have OCD when it comes to quality.  
  •  Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability.  
  •  Work on bug fixing and improving application performance.  
  •  Debug production issues across services and levels of the stack  
  •  Discuss new ideas in weekly tech forum with your peers and mentors 

You'd fit right in if you have:  
      • Have a solid grounding in Computer Science fundamentals

  •  Are good at Problem solving  
  •  Know and have good hands on at least more than 2 programming languages with ease and have a strong opinion of which one is your favorite.  
  •  Have actively developed firsthand any web application with database/datastore, simple or complex does not matter to us, using Nodejs/Java/Python or any other language and deployed or thinking of deploying it on any cloud server like AWS/GCP etc.  
  • We would love to look at your Github repo or links to the deployed web-app. Beautiful UI does not matter, as much as a Postman collection does, so bonus marks for creating API documentation or having a detailed README on Github.
  • Have the right attitude, are a team player and an avid learner.

Join us If you are excited about:  

  • • Opportunities to learn bleeding edge technologies, from scratch, on real-life projects as an Intern.

    • An environment that encourages contribution and values opinions.

    • A place full of like-minded & smart folks

    • A start-up culture that you'd cherish forever in your work life

     • Flexible career paths.

    • A chance to have a lot of fun while you work. 

    Not Convinced Yet, Did we mention

    • We have an almost 100% full time conversion rate till date, even with a very high bar for conversion, We really have very cool, hard working mentors.

    Looking for Immediate/Early Joiners Only

Additional Information:

At Merkle Sokrati, we don't insist on any paid certification as a part of the hiring process.

More Information:

Graduate Opportunities: Whether you're still studying, recently graduated or are already working and fancy a career hop, we could have a perfect opportunity for you.
Experienced Hires: Leverage your expertise, challenge the status quo and grow your career at Merkle.