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Emailing Your Customers: When Is It Too Much?

When considering your email marketing strategy, have you ever found yourself contemplating questions like these?  

“Are we sending too many emails?”

“Two other brands at this company target our HCPs too. Are we inundating them with marketing messages?”

“What’s the right mix of branded and unbranded emails for our audience?”

If so, you’re not alone. In our rapidly evolving digital marketing ecosystem, email has remained a staple among marketers. It is widely used as an effective non-personal channel for both consumers and HCPs. Email has further branched out into other forms of semi-personal marketing, with the rise of rep-triggered programs. While the rep is still king, delivering the optimal multi-channel customer experience has quickly become the primary objective for most marketers. Now, emails are flooding the inboxes of all our most loyal, valuable customers, from both competitors and brand teams under the same roof.

This leaves marketers with a common challenge — how do you know if we’re serving the right number of emails to our customers? We worry that emails are getting lost in the clutter and that customers are becoming annoyed, disengaged, and then opting-out. While email programs are showing positive ROI, open rates are nevertheless decreasing, inbox placement is spotty, and clicks are virtually non-existent. We look to find the right approach for our email strategy to ensure both optimal content engagement and positive program lift.

Merkle’s PMSA poster presentation will introduce an innovative, data-driven approach for portfolio email strategy.  Join us as we delve into the Email Saturation Analysis solution. This regression model-based approach provides clear, actionable guidelines to optimize email frequency by customer segment and content category. 

To learn more, stop by our poster at this year’s PMSA conference in San Antonio, TX, April 29 – May 1, 2018.  We hope to see you there!