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  1. 01The challengeIntroducing a qualified electronic signature
  2. 02Our approachWe developed a solution applying Hallway Tests and prototyping
  3. 03The resultUBS was the first bank to introduce a qualified electronic signature.
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  • Sector

    • Financial services
  • Disciplines

    • Strategy & Consultation
    • Conception
    • User Experience & Design
  • Year

    • 2017
  • Tech Stack

    • Custom Application
  • Services

    • Experience Platforms

The challenge

When using the online services of a bank nowadays customers are still often forced to sign the majority of the banking documents manually which requires additional expenses and time delay.

UBS recognized this problem and has set itself the target to enable an equivalent manual signature of contracts by introducing a qualified electronic signature. As long-term partner we were asked to design and develop the interaction concept.

Our approach

In collaboration with the UBS project team we developed a solution applying Hallway Tests and prototyping. As a result, the electronic signature seamlessly fits into the existing processes and accompanies the user through the following three steps:

  • Reading: As before, the document which needs to be signed is filed in the mailbox under the agreements menu item of the UBS e-banking section. The customer is lead through each page of the document.
  • Signing: Following the reading confirmation the user starts the signing process, which is initiated by the reference number of the Access Card Display or a code generated by the Access Card.
  • Confirming: The user receives the signature confirmation and is able to download the contract as a PDF.

In January 2017, UBS was the first bank to introduce a qualified electronic signature.

Conventional processes such as credit card applications can be signed digitally.

Conventional processes such as credit card applications or other documents and contracts can be signed and processed digitally via the customer’s e-banking section. With this step UBS fills a gap in the end-to-end digitalization process and generates an efficient and convenient solution for its customers to settle transactions.
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Saving shipping and printing costs.

Internally UBS was able to improve efficiency by saving shipping and printing costs. Additionally, internal processes were accelerated significantly due to a decrease of testing efforts which finally made more time available for customers and client advisors.
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