Migros: Holistic digital experience

For more than ten years Migros has offered its customers a wide range of online products. We support the Swiss retailer with our full service competence on its journey

Merkle Success Story Migros - Insights into the impuls health platform
Merkle Success Story Migros: Insights into the implemented Famigros site

At a glance

  1. 01iMpuls health platform and coachImpulses for a healthier life
  2. 02FamigrosEmotional design for the family club
  3. 03Migros digital annual reportMultiple award winner since 2014
  4. 04Club schoolEducational offers at a glance
  5. 05Migros LoginCentral, consistent and personalized
  6. 06PIMCentral administration of all product data
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  • Sector

    • Retail & consumer goods
  • Disciplines

    • Strategy & Consulting
    • User Experience & Design
    • Technology
    • Content
    • Project management / agile workflow
    • Operations
  • Milestones

    • Since 2008: Development of the product information system / PIM, catalogue system
    • Since 2010: Migros login
    • 2012: Club school
    • 2013: Interhome
    • Since 2014: MIgros digital annual report
    • 2016: iMpuls health platform
    • 2017: iMpuls Coach
    • 2017: Famigros
  • Tech Stack

    • Magnolia (iMpuls, Famigros)
    • Sitecore (Club school)
    • Custom App (Migros Login)
    • SAP Commerce (PIM)
    • React (iMpuls Coach)
    • Android & iOS (iMpuls Coach)
    • Wordpress (annual report)
  • Services

    • Fullservice
    • Commerce
    • Digital Marketing
    • Experience Platforms
    • Mobile Apps
    • Operations
Overview of joint projects between Merkle and Migros since 2008

Full service projects – our solutions are as divers as Migros’ range of products

For the last ten years we have supported Migros in implementing its digital projects and during that time we were able to enhance our range of service towards full service projects. By now we have created innovative ideas ranging from the concept to the technical and creative implementation together with Migros – from one source and as a part of the Migros project family. Among those successful projects are the health platform iMpuls and the related iMpuls Coach, the family platform Famigros, the annual report, the educational portal club school as well as the Migros login and the central product information system.

Sandra Marino, Head of Digital Products, Migros
“Merkle is much more than just responsible for the technical implementation: Merkle is a reliable partner who we trust and who has accompanied us for more than 10 years now.”
Sandra Marino is Head of Digital Products at Migros

Our approach

Agile workflow

Project management includes an iterative approach across all areas and throughout the duration of the projects.


A versatile team consisting of various disciplines as well as work from multiple locations and a close exchange with Migros to offer solutions from one single source.


Identification of central steps for an integrated digital presence.


Technically complex custom solutions and individual adaptation of existing technology for customized solutions.


Simple and clearly visible cross-platform usability, with a strong focus on mobile use.

User-Centered Design

Focus on interactivity and an intuitively operable design.


Support of the implementation of appealing designs and creating content for the relevant target groups.


Continuous improvement of platforms and applications.
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Fit and healthy with iMpuls health platform and the iMpuls Coach

Positioning as a health provider

One of Migros’ goals is to position itself as a health provider on the Swiss market. Thus, Migros’ complete offerings concerning exercise, relaxation, nutrition, and medicine are cross-linked on the health platform iMpuls.
Merkle Erfolgsgeschichte: Migros positions itself as a health provider with iMpuls

Impulses for a healthier life

Motivating topics which offer users daily impulses for a healthier life are the heart of the new website. From practical tips and tricks to a variety of services – iMpuls provides nearly unlimited possibilities.
Merkle Success Story Migros: Impulses for a healthier life

Personal fitness coach on the smartphone

Migros also helps its customers to live a healthier life with the mobile app iMpuls Coach. Here users receive programs including healthy recipes, workouts and tips tailored to their specific needs – all free of charge. Due to a modern frontend technology the app is accessible on all devices and multiple sources and systems can be seamlessly integrated. Activating people and combining the four topics exercise, relaxation, nutrition, and medicine creates distinction, increases the reputation and in the medium-term opens up new customer groups and sources of income.

A fresh and emotional design for the family club Famigros

The holistic relaunch of Famigros helped us to strengthen Migros’ image as a family friendly company. Famigros acts as a personal advisor for expectant parents and families and offers practical tips and inspiring ideas covering topics such as pregnancy and family life and encourages customers to buy suitable products. Besides the fresh and emotional design and the technical implementation the website was also optimized with regards to added value, usability and filtering options. The result is a platform which is easy to use and which is tailored specifically to the needs of young parents.

For children and their parents: the Famigros platform

Repeatedly awarded – the Migros digital annual report 2014 to 2018

Full service solutions for Migros’ annual reports

For the fifth time we have implemented Migros' digital annual report. We have supported Migros with regards to the concept, content, design and the technical implementation of the reports which are only available online.
Insights into the Migros Annual Report M18, for which Merkle provided support

Complex issues presented in an easy and interactive way

Thanks to interactive elements, filtering functionalities and attractive topic pages the annual reports come to life. The varied content and complex figures and data are presented in an attractive and comprehensible way. Thus we enable all different interest groups to easily access the comprehensive information.
Migros Annual Report: Review of the Year 2018
Insights into the Migros Annual Report M16, for which merkle provided support
Insights into the Migros Annual Report M16, for which merkle provided support
Einblicke in den Migros Geschäftsbericht M17
Migros Awards
The Migros digital annual report has been repeatedly awarded.
Leandra Simovic and Selina Hasenböhler Backes with the Best of Corporate Publishing Award for the Migros Annual Report
Reason to celebrate: Leandra Simitovic and Selina Hasenböhler-Backes with the Corporate Publishing Award.
Club school – central access to a versatile educational offer
With the educational institution “Club school” Migros customers can pursue their interests in six versatile clubs covering the fields of culture, sports and social issues. By implementing the relaunch on the basis of Sitecore we technically set up the old website from scratch, ensure the system’s stability and realized a simple content management. Thus a digital meeting point for club school members developed, with which Migros supplies versatile and high standard educational offers to the Swiss people.
Insights into the online platform of the educational institution Klubschule, where Merkle has been involved

Migros Login – central, consistent and personalized

The goal of Migros Login is to give all customers a consistent access to the Migros online world. Thus we developed a technical custom solution which allows all Migros customers to gain access to all Migros online platforms via one single login. This allows customers to plan purchases and simultaneously access their personal Cumulus account (Migros’ bonus program). Consequently, the large user database personalizes all services of Migros and strengthens the online business with this unification.

Merkle success story Migros: we create central login for many platforms

PIM – Success through technical innovation

In 2008, Migros wanted to unify over one million product information in a new product information system (PIM). The best solution for this was SAP Commerce.

On the one hand we helped to make the complex and redundant clearance of goods more efficient, and on the other hand we enabled a consistent communication beyond all marketing and sales channels. With the new PIM and the centralization of all product information on one platform we were able to demonstrate the potential of digitizing data collection and we supported Migros in investing in the future. Since the start of the project we have continuously developed the PIM.

  • products are maintained and managed

    1.0+ Mio.
  • product labels are printed daily


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