A competitive edge through forward-looking, effective and efficient communication measures.

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Audi Reference Corporate Communications

At a glance

  1. 01The challengePositioning with the right target groups
  2. 02Our approachStrategic planning, production, publication and further development of target group centered content
  3. 03The resultA competitive edge through forward-looking, effective and efficient communication measures


AUDI AG stands for corporate responsibility towards society and the environment - its products are intended to make a valuable contribution to the current issues of the day: climate-neutral technologies and models are thus catalysts for a better and sustainable future.

  • Sector

    • Automotive
  • Disciplines

    • Strategy & Consulting
    • UX / Design
    • Technical Implementation
    • Content: Production / Migration
    • Maintenance / Operational support
  • Milestones

    • 1. Q8-Unleashed-Kampagne: Annual Multimedia Award Gold in the category Content Marketing
    • 2. Multimedia-Campaign for the Audi A8
    • 3. Launch-Campaign for the Audi e-tron
    • 4. Annual support at industry mega-events such as IAA and CES
  • Tech Stack

    • Social Media
  • Services

    • Fullservice
    • Digital Marketing
    • Operations
    • Experience Platforms
    • Digital Strategy
Audi Reference Corporate Communications

The challenge

AUDI AG's communications department wants to position its topics - technology, products as well as economic developments - with specific target groups: Journalists, professional multipliers and thought leaders.

The focus here is primarily on technical and factual information that activates the visions and values, challenges, solutions, products and social commitments of the Ingolstadt-based group.

The trick is to address the relevant target group at the right time and in the right place with the right content and format - and thus position AUDI AG ahead of the competition and as the No. 1 source of information.

Our approach

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Together with the communications department of AUDI AG, we develop the strategic planning, production, publication and further development of target group-centric content along the entire customer journey.

The foundation for this is an analysis of the company's needs, its target groups and the relevant platforms. Goals and measures derived from this provide the direction for the selection, design and use of channels (e.g., SEO/SEA, social media, websites, ...) and platforms (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) as well as content and formats (e.g., campaigns and always-on).

Important: All measures are regularly evaluated with reference to their performance based on user and usage data - and are thus continuously developed further.

To ensure the success of the measures, we look at them from three perspectives: the company, its target group, and the relevant platforms.

In doing so, we always place the AUDI AG target group and the overarching corporate topics of the "transformation to sustainable mobility" at the center of our actions.

Merkle consults and supports AUDI AG in:


Analysis and consolidation of company requirements, target group needs and channel conditions as a basis for strategic target definition and derivation of customer journey and action roadmap.


Long, medium, and short-term planning and orchestration as well as production and publishing of channels, content and formats - campaigns and always-on.

Further Development

Continuous performance evaluation and recommendations for action as a basis for strategic further development and optimisation of measures in owned, earned and paid media, as well as resource and budget allocation.

As an external part of the AUDI AG team, we actively and creatively accompanied numerous international events, model launches, world premieres and trade fairs.

Success right down the line: Gold for highlight campaign

As a success for our work, we were able to accept Gold in the Content Marketing category at the Annual Multimedia Awards for the Q8 Unleashed campaign.

Other milestones include the multimedia campaign for the Audi A8, the launch campaign for the Audi e-tron and the annual support of the two industry mega-events IAA and CES, as well as the Geneva Motor Show and the Beijing Motor Show.

Audi at Geneva Motor Show
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  • written and SEO optimized blog articles

  • published Tweets

  • more followers on Twitter

  • more followers on Facebook

  • average engagement rate

Cornelia Böhm, Global Social Media Strategist at AUDI AG
"Digital communication is in a state of transformation: user data and the right marketing tech stack are the success factors that companies have to deal with in order to stay ahead of the competition.
With Merkle, we have had exactly the right partner for user-centric communication for years: competence, flexibility and prompt response to constantly changing customer requirements ensure that our brand, its products and topics are placed in the best possible way.
One of the many highlights is the most successful campaign to date by the AUDI AG communications department. That's what a brand needs to stay relevant in the market."
Cornelia Böhm, Global Social Media Strategist at Audi AG

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