ODLO: >1 million data points for a strong brand positioning

Deep insights into key target groups and the marketing funnel for the sportswear manufacturer.

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At a glance

  1. 01The challengeDeep customer insights and optimized marketing funnel
  2. 02Our approachCombination of qualitative and quantitative research methods
  3. 03The resultClear positioning – thanks to reliable data and concrete recommendations for action
  • Sector

    • Retail & Consumer goods
  • Disciplines

    • Research & Insights
    • Experience Strategy
    • Customer Research
    • Market Research
  • Year

    • 2021-2023
  • Tech Stack

    • IBM SPSS, (Excel, PPP)
  • Services

    • Research & Insights

The challenge

Sharpening brand identity – strengthening own brand awareness: The Swiss sportswear manufacturer ODLO wants to position itself in a distinctive and sustainable way. Within its main target group and towards the competition. 

The goal: Deep insights into the current and potential new customer base should underpin the marketing strategy. At the same time, the company wants to know exactly how its brand is perceived  and where its strengths and weaknesses are in the marketing funnel

Merkles research should help ODLO to really understand its target group and unleash existing and new potential. For a clear competitive advantage. Validly proven.

Our approach

Customer and brand research

Thanks to qualitative interviews and a quantitative study with more than 1,400 participants in seven countries, we qualify three important main target groups for ODLO.

Optimizing the marketing funnel

A study with 6,000 participants in three countries shows at which point in the marketing funnel customers drop out and what the competition does better. This allows ODLO to optimize its marketing funnel in the best way.

Mixed methods approach

For insights rich in knowledge we combine advanced research and analysis methods: in-depth interviews, cross - national studies, cluster analysis, NPS scores, CRM data alignment and benchmarking.

From insights to actions

We derive strategic implications for ODLO from a huge data set with thousands of variables and several competitors. This sharpens the brand positioning.

Truly understanding customers – at every point of the customer journey

The most important main target groups for ODLO

What drives the typical ODLO customer? 

To figure this out, the Merkle team combines qualitative and quantitative research methods from trend analysis to benchmarking.  The core is an extensive market research study with 1,400 participants in seven countries – and more than 27,000 evaluated responses. The result: validated by thousands of data, we derive the three most important main target groups for ODLO. Whether motivation, sports habits or concrete product expectations – ODLO now knows what drives its customers.

Knowledge is good, but concrete action is better. That is why we develop four strategic recommendations for ODLO in the areas of marketing strategy, communication, brand positioning, and target market strategy. In this way, the company is perfectly aligned with the needs of its target groups. For a distinctive, convincing brand positioning.

Marketing Funnel ODLO

Marketing Funnel & Brand Image: Uncovering all potential

How do customers experience the ODLO brand?

Answers to this question are provided by our quantitative survey in three markets and an accompanying CRM (Customer Relationship Management) study with around 9,000 participants.

Backed up by representative data, the sportswear manufacturer now knows exactly how customers perceive the ODLO brand - even along the marketing funnel - and where in the funnel customers drop out. Understanding the brand image and funnel progression helps ODLO spot its strenghts and weaknesses, also against its competitors, and optimize its marketing funnel. For unique brand experiences across all touchpoints and journey phases. And thus, sustainable customer loyalty in all funnel phases.

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Dayana Doncheva, Digital Marketing Manager
“Thanks to the experience and the knowhow of the Merkle team, we managed to conduct complicated statistical analysis, giving us an in-depth understanding of our consumer and the perception of the ODLO brand.“
Dayana Doncheva ODLO

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