Corporate Communication on Social Media

Merkle supports the TRATON GROUP in placing company topics with a narrow target group in real time.


At a glance

  1. 01The challengeCreate a solid basis and communicate in a way that is appropriate for the target group​
  2. 02Our approachTarget group-focused social media strategy
  3. 03The resultSustainable engagement through target group-centered communication measures – worldwide
  • Sector

    • Logistics
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    • Conception
    • Social Media
  • Year

    • 2018 - 2022
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    • Digital Marketing

The challenge

The communications department of the TRATON GROUP wants to position ifself and its topics on social media in a way that attracts attention – and in doing so, above all, reach narrow target groups such as investors, business analysts and the trade press in a comprehensible way.

The focus is primarily on factually presented articles that disseminate the corporate vision, current challenges in the transport industry and sustainable solutions of the globally positioned Group.

The particular challenge here lies in effectively addressing  niche target groups  with special information needs and individual social media behavior – and this against the backdrop of a social media infrastructure, editorial processes and relevant target group insights that were only in their rudiments at the start of the project in November 2018.

Our approach

Target group-focused social media strategy

Traton Merkle Reference Approach Social Media

Together with the TRATON GROUP, we develop a target group-focused social media strategy that optimally supports the company's goals. This includes the development of a social media infrastructure that provides various platforms for specific target groups, topics and formats.

The development, production and distribution of social media content is data-based, e.g., on the basis of precisely tailored SEO measures: Relevant search queries define temporal topic windows as well as hashtags with high reach and engagement.

In addition, the mix of drumbeat content, organic and paid campaigns, and content from the TRATON GROUP's current day-to-day business and highlight events ensures sustainable growth in reach and engagement on its social media profiles.

Important: All measures are regularly evaluated with regard to their performance on the basis of user and usage data - and thus continuously developed further.


Analysis and comparison of corporate goals and data-based target group needs as the basis for a sustainable definition of goals and measures on social media: platforms, topics, formats, dos & don'ts for the respective target group.


Setting up the social media infrastructure as well as tools for planning, production, distribution and evaluation of posts and ads.  Continuous topic planning based on company topics, events and community needs.

Further development

Comprehensive and platform-specific performance evaluation at monthly, quarterly and annual level for short-term optimizations in day-to-day business, medium-term at platform level and long-term at strategy level.

Sustainable success

The three perspectives company, target groups and the potential of the relevant platforms work together to ensure not only the reach of the company's topics, but above all their relevance to the people they reach.

The result

Sustainable engagement through target group-centered communication measures – worldwide

The target group-oriented communication approach was an important basis in the cooperation between Merkle and the TRATON GROUP to achieve measurable success. During the four-year collaboration, up to seven social media platforms were managed at times and a total of 111,433 followers were won during this time. 

Based on continuous editorial planning, a total of 2,113 posts have been published since January 2019. On the focus platforms LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, these recorded an average of 918,390 impressions per month over the past two years. 

During the same period, an organic engagement rate of 4.59% was achieved on the focus platforms mentioned above through platform- and target group-specific activation measures. In benchmarking with the profiles of comparable competitors, the LinkedIn profile of the TRATON GROUP took second place with an average engagement rate by followers of 7.63%.

Traton Merkle Reference Approach Social Media Phone
  • followers gained since January 2019

  • published posts since January 2019

  • organic engagement rate on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram

Andrea Guggenberger, Digital Communication and Channel Management at TRATON GROUP
"With Merkle, we have a competent partner for the data-driven derivation and ongoing development of a sustainable and successful strategy: placing the right topics on the right platforms with the right target group approach enables us to constantly expand the dialogue with relevant stakeholders.
On LinkedIn – the current B2B platform – we have recorded remarkable results in terms of follower growth and user interaction in recent years. Measured by the number of followers in the competitive environment, we even take a leading role here. This proves the effectiveness of our measures – over long periods of time."
Andrea Guggenberger Traton Merkle Project

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