Siemens Analytics Unlocked

Data-based optimization of campaigns in real time thanks to the self-service platform

Merkle case study: Analytics Unlocked Dasboard

At a glance

  1. 01The challengeUse data for successful campaign management
  2. 02Our approachCentral platform for data & automated analysis
  3. 03The resultEfficient management with focus on campaign success
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  • Sector

    • Industry
  • Disciplines

    • Strategy & Consulting
    • Concept, Data Concept & Data Science
    • User Experience & Design
    • Technical implementation (Backend & Frontend)
    • QA / Automated Testing
    • Project management (Agile Workflow)
    • Scrum Master
  • Year

    • 2019 to date
  • Tech Stack

    • Custom Application
    • Java Spring (Backend)
    • React (Frontend)
    • Apache Hadoop
    • Apache Spark (Data Processing)
  • Services

    • Data & Insights
    • Digital Marketing
    • Digital Workplace
    • Fullservice
    • Digital Strategy

The challenge: Making data-driven decisions

At Siemens, about 900 communication managers worldwide annually manage over 6,000 campaigns. Are these investments even worthwhile? To answer this question campaign managers have to investigate various tools, internal and external data sets and excel charts full of raw data daily. Frustrating, time-consuming, inefficient. Therefore our objective was to consolidate analytics data from different sources and to make it easily accessible to everyone. Using smart algorithms – for goal-oriented, data-based decisions.

Our approach.

Central platform saves time.

All important campaign data is centrally accessible via one platform. Managers profit from the reduced effort of collecting and summarizing data.

An algorithm assumes data evaluation.

Data from different sources are aggregated and compared with previously defined campaign objectives. The Engagement Score becomes the key KPI.

Enable campaign managers.

Thanks to the system's proactive recommendations, employees make data-based decisions and optimize campaigns in real time.

Close cooperation with the target group.

Campaign managers and analytics experts work closely together in the development process. We optimize the prototype and continuously run usability tests and interviews.

Using data successfully with Analytics Unlocked.

Intelligent assistants process data from different sources and interpret campaign results.

The intelligent, newly developed self-service platform Analytics Unlocked consolidates fragmented data into a data pool. In order to obtain valuable information from these data, they are processed in several steps – implemented by modern Big Data technologies. Smart visualizations, recommendations and warnings show the campaign manager at a glance which campaign activities are performing well and which are not. This enables employees to make the right decisions quickly.
Merkle case study: Analytics Unlocked Dasboard

All results converge in exactly one KPI – the Engagement Score.

Based on statistical methods and intelligent algorithms, campaigns are evaluated, compared and optimized. The central element of the platform is the Engagement Score: a score aggregated, rated and calculated from all KPIs.
Merkle case study: visualisation of Siemens' Analytics unlocked

Company-wide measurable success

Campaign management on a whole new level: With the Analytics Unlocked platform, managers save twelve hours per campaign for major projects. Thanks to automated alerts and recommendations, they plan their budgets 23 percent more effectively. In this way Siemens ensures 900 satisfied campaign managers and benefits from an impressive overall saving from inefficient campaign costs.

  • campaigns per year

  • more effective budget planning

  • time saving per campaign


Digital Communication Award for Analytics Unlocked.

Siemens and Merkle are celebrating: Analytics Unlocked received the Digital Communication Award in the category "Data-driven communication (incl. artificial intelligence)" in 2019.
Three Merkle winners of the Digital Communication Awards 2019 with Siemens
Lea Fleckner, Consultant at Merkle, Andreas Wunderlich, VP / Head of Analytics & Insights at Siemens and Silke Wieland, Senior Manager Analytics & Insights bei Siemens (from left to right)
Mark Seall, Group Head of Digital Communications, Siemens AG
“We work with Merkle because we want and need to boldly break new ground in digital communication and need a partner who is capable of helping to shape this path. We have trusted the Merkle team for years and this decision has been confirmed time and again to this day: Reliability, innovation, courage, passion – that's what makes Merkle so valuable to us.”
Mark Seall Group Head of Digital Communications at Siemens AG

More success stories.

Would you like to benefit from data-based decision-making? We are your partner for everything related to data.

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