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The goal: thought leadership

The way to get there: a clear message

Siemens Smart Infrastructure operates in a competitive environment where communication is characterized by objectivity and a focus on the product. Of course, after all, you are talking to decision-makers in the B2B sector.

But instead of fighting for the attention of its prospects with even more facts and even more products, Siemens Smart Infrastructure has opted for a different approach: storytelling.

Since then, we have been developing content around the claim "Transform the everyday" that puts the brand and people much more in focus. This task is assigned to our team by a variety of different clients and topics. And over a long period of time. For us, this means that everything must be held together by a solid strategic foundation; content and processes must be cleverly coordinated so that the content never runs out of steam and the team never runs out of steam.

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    • Industry
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    • Conception
    • Content: Production / Migration
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    • Since 2019
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    • Pure Storytelling
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    • Digital Marketing
    • Digital Strategy

Our approach

Siemens Smart Infrastructure thinks the world the way we think content: networked.
We have been supporting Siemens Smart Infrastructure in the implementation of its content projects since 2019. During this time, our range of services has grown along with the tasks - from the positioning of the entire brand to thought leadership and individual reference assets.

With our smart creative infrastructure, we have as many guardrails as necessary to keep everything on track, and as few rules as possible to stay fresh and relevant in the long run. Our strategic messaging framework for Siemens Smart Infrastructure therefore fits on one page.

Siemens Smart Infrastructure believe in co-creation and storytelling – always with a focus on the right narrative. As long as every piece of content contrubites to this narrative, there are no limitis to creativity. At the same time, a lean content creation process ensures clean work processes in which the third step is not taken before the first.
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Content creation approach


What are the communication goals we want to reach?

Target Groups

Which content needs to our communication target groups have at every stage of their customer journey?

Content Definition

Which content formats work best at what stage of the customer journey and for which touchpoints?


How does our communication activity play into the overall Smart Infrastructure Story and messaging?

Optimized Content Creation

How do we get most valuable content out of few content creation opportunities and how do we organize the creative process?

Thought Leadership

Siemens Smart Infrastructure intelligently connects energy systems, buildings and industries. Technology and ingenuity come together to act in the best interests of our environment. The mission: Creating environments that care.

Brand Activation

We create strategies and content that drive customer actions. Our focus is to generate brand awareness and engage more customers by enabling them to directly interact with the Siemens brand, its strategic topics and solutions.


Together with its customers, Siemens Smart Infrastructure creates success stories. The special thing about it: At the core, the focus is always on the customers, their vision, and the co-creation with Siemens. Only then we derive further assets.
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Merkle Reference Siemens Smart Infrastructure

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