Lean product development with Siemens

Simulation provides insight to insurance companies with important information about autonomous cars, with smart data visualization.

Merkle Reference: Siemens Simulytic

At a glance

  1. 01The challengeProduct development for more safety in autonomous driving
  2. 02Our approachSupport in all stages of product development
  3. 03The resultInsightful & actionable simulation with smart data visualization
  • Sector

    • Industry
  • Disciplines

    • Strategy & Consulting
    • Conception
    • User Experience / Design
    • Project Management / Agile workflow
  • Year

    • 2021-2022
  • Tech Stack

    • Tableau
  • Services

    • Data Sciences
    • Digital Strategy

The challenge

Product development for more safety in autonomous driving

SIMULYTIC, a newly founded Siemens AG venture, delivers risk intelligence for Autonomous Vehicle deployments. The in-house startup is focused on using simulation to create insight into the impact and safety of autonomous driving.

SIMULYTIC provides (re-)insurers, AV operators and regulators with unique, data-driven insights into AV impact on risk, safety and congestion tailored to a location and AV operation. They use large-scale simulation combined with intelligent analytics to create a rich synthetic history of any AV deployment.

Now the Siemens team needs a strong partner to support it in all stages of product development. 

Our approach

From idea to implementation

Our experts support and consult Siemens in all phases of product development.

Dual-track work

For faster progress, we follow the dual-track approach: We develop the product vision and MVP in parallel.

Interactive prototypes

Interactive prototypes make it easier for clients to evaluate the future product - and for us to adapt it to their needs.

Insightful & actionable simulation with smart data visualization

Vision video

With a well-designed video, we detail the insights gained as precisely as necessary and as simply as possible. In this way, we facilitate Siemens' product communication: the video illustrates all the advantages of the solution to the interested parties. This is the first step toward inspiring prospective clients in the long term

Merkle Reference: Siemens Simulytic

Data Dashboard

People who need a lot of information to get their work done often lose track of it. When it comes to topics like automated driving, this can be extremely risky - after all, human lives are at stake. The best solution to combat information chaos is our dashboard for data visualization from Siemens. It allows insurance experts and mobility service providers to see the risk potential for different self-driving cars in different situations at a glance.

Merkle Reference: Siemens Simulytic Header Picture
Andy Gill, Chief Operating Officer at SIMULYTIC, a Siemens AG venture
"We are already familiar with Merkle's expertise in data visualization and management from previous joint projects. With the new MVP, we also benefited from their expertise in developing new products. The collaboration was very constructive and we are looking forward to upcoming joint projects with Merkle."
Andy Gill Siemens Simulytic

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