ENIWA: 360° view with new Salesforce Energy & Utility Cloud

Together with Merkle, the Swiss energy supplier is expanding its view on customers.

Eniwa HQ

At a glance

  1. 01The challengePreparing liberalized market and interactions via digital channels
  2. 02Our approachCreation of value-oriented customer management and integrated customer lifecycle management
  3. 03The resultA CRM with a 360-degree view and the creation of an integration platform
  • Sector

    • Energy
  • Disciplines

    • Technical implementation
  • Year

    • 2021
  • Tech Stack

    • Salesforce Energy & Utility Cloud
    • Mulesoft and 18 interfaces (GIS, ERP, electrical ERP, billing system)
    • Pardot and 15 web forms
    • Azure AD conection
  • Services

    • CRM & Customer Loyalty

The challenge

Deregulation of the market and digital customer interface

Eniwa is a locally anchored energy service company with headquarters in Buchs AG, which supplies the surrounding area of Aarau (30 municipalities) with electricity, natural gas/biogas, heating/cooling, hydrogen and water.

In order to strengthen the company in the non-commodity sector and to make the shift from a pure supplier to a market-oriented service provider, Eniwa offers further services in the field of telecommunications, energy services, photovoltaics and electrical installations as well as the development of sustainable solutions in the areas of supply, building technology (smart home) and e-mobility. Eniwa has 300 employees & 40 apprentices.

Eniwa has a broad product range - and faces the challenge of satisfying different target groups. In addition, there are two major changes in the Swiss market: On the one hand, the need for digital customer channels is steadily increasing. On the other hand, the possible complete electricity liberalization of this market in the future requires innovative, efficient processes for a market lead.

Our approach

Iterative approach

By working efficiently in sprints in an agile manner, we are able to implement the extensive implementation in just four months.

Implementation of the CRM software

The focus of the CRM integration was to create a clear master system of customer data.

Prototype data model

We started by creating a prototype data model in Salesforce.

Implementation via Mulesoft

We implemented the CRM in the highly customized system world (SAP I-SU and SD, GIS and electrical ERP) using the middleware Mulesoft.

Heading for digitalization with the Energy & Utility Cloud

All data at a glance

Together with Eniwa, we created a central CRM in just four months that maps a 360-degree perspective on customers. The implementation of Salesforce Pardot also makes it possible to automate marketing processes and bring all data together. This provides the foundation for the next steps in the digitalization of the company.

Cross-departmental and cross-channel processes can now be easily mapped and executed in a clear manner. Thanks to the new functionalities, Eniwa can, for example, create a ticket for each service request and collect and display them in an easily understandable way for each customer. As a result, service efficiency and user satisfaction have increased enormously. 

Picture showing buildings with solar system
  • from project start to going live

  • Eniwa employees certified on Trailhead

  • remote: entire project carried out from home office

Rob Wirz, Head of Digital Advisory Services, Eniwa AG
"Merkle succeeded in taking Eniwa to the next level with minimal use of resources and an agile approach. Merkle had an ideal understanding of Eniwa and was able to implement the entire Salesforce stack very quickly. The foundation for the cultural transformation and the focus on the customer experience has been created."
Rob Wirz, Lead Digital Advisory Services at Eniwa AG

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