SCHOTT CERAN®: clean & chic - eye-catching relaunch

With the relaunch for the international market, we give CERAN® a new glow

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At a glance

  1. 01The challengeInnovative web presence for the international B2C market
  2. 02Our approach Lean website relaunch with innovative elements
  3. 03The resultImpressive website with strong visual effects
  • Sector

    • Industry
  • Disciplines

    • Technical implementation
    • Content: Production / Migration
    • Project management (agile workflow)
  • Year

    • 2020 – 2021
  • Tech Stack

    • Sitecore CMS
    • Sitecore Content Hub
  • Services

    • Experience Platforms
    • Fullservice

The challenge

SCHOTT CERAN® is a typical ingredient brand: the glass ceramic is used in cooktops and is a quality feature in stoves.

To mark the brand's 50th anniversary, SCHOTT CERAN® is planning a website relaunch that emphasizes the diversity of the material. In addition, the new website should be creative and innovative.

The site addresses users worldwide, the Asian region is immensely important. Therefore it needs a multilingual variant; the Chinese version is a must-have. 

Merkle is now making the most of budget and technology to make SCHOTT’s online presence fit for its international clientele. 


Our approach

Sitecore as technology base

SCHOTT is currently converting its web presences company-wide to Sitecore. That's why Sitecore CMS and Sitecore Content Hub were also the first choice for SCHOTT CERAN®.


In March 2021, the new website went live - in German, English and Chinese. Other languages such as Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese and Korean as well as Russian and Dutch followed or are in progress.

Innovative look

Thanks to an existing platform, we can create animated elements, background videos and other eye-catching assets for the website, despite high budget pressure.

The result: innovative website with customer-focus

Visual innovations for the website

The new website offers many technical innovations. On a social media wall with an Instagram interface, users can see at a glance what's hot at SCHOTT right now. 

Some subpages offer a so-called parallax effect. This means: backgrounds and elements in the foreground - for example videos - move in opposite directions. 

Last, but not least, the content navigation is impressive: When scrolling on the website, it automatically attaches itself to the main navigation. This makes the orientation on the website user-friendly and intuitive.


Excellent look and intuitive use

The relaunch of SCHOTT CERAN® ensures an innovative and attractive brand presence. The site is of course responsive, which means that it automatically adapts to all devices - regardless of whether they are smartphones or desktops. Thanks to multilingualism, the website is optimised for countries and markets worldwide. 

Particularly advantageous for SCHOTT editors: By using a third-party interface, they can pull SCHOTT-CERAN® posts from Instagram directly into the Sitecore platform.

Merkle took over the entire technical implementation of the new and user-friendly website, including the integration of all interfaces and innovative visual elements. In addition to website development and project management, we also supported SCHOTT CERAN® with SEO optimization and content migration and trained employees in the use of the new CMS. 

The website relaunch was developed in close cooperation with other partners who, among other things, took care of content creation, storytelling and the design concept based on SCHOTT's new online design language.


Kathrin Becker, Marketing Director SCHOTT CERAN®

"The new digital brand presence underlines the innovative power of CERAN® and provides our users with an emotional and impressive experience. With the website relaunch, Merkle has succeeded in presenting our products in a lively way and strengthened the presence of CERAN® as an ingredient brand."
Kathrin Becker, Marketing Direktor SCHOTT CERAN®

SCHOTT AG interview with Merkle (German)

Interview SCHOTT AG and Merkle
Johannes WĂĽst - Chief Product Owner at SCHOTT AG - reveals in an interview with Merkle why he has found the right platform by choosing Sitecore.

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