Shaping the future: Siemens as driver for digitalisation

With the courage to innovate, we are creating the communication of the future together.

Merkle case study: Two Siemens employees and a cut-out of Ingenuity
Merkle case study: smartphone shows the Coffee Mug from Siemens

At a glance

  1. 01Communication of the futureRaising new benchmarks
  2. 02Digital, agile, data-drivenMerkle as a strong partner
  3. 03Innovative projectsLinking business, technology and communication

Digital transformation of communication

Siemens wants to set new standards: The objective is to be perceived as a driver of digitalization and an enabler for other companies.The basis for this is to establish a more digital global communication in order to strengthen the connection between business, technology as well as communication and, to focus on becoming an agile organisation. Together we are tackling new technologies and trends.

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  • Sector

    • Industry
  • Disciplines

    • Strategy & Consulting
    • Conception
    • User Experience & Design
    • Technical implementation
    • Project management (Agile workflow)
    • Product Owner Consulting & PO Training
  • Milestones

    • Since 2018: Strategic and operational partner in corporate communications
    • Early 2019: Launch of the beta phase of Ingenuity on WordPress
    • Mid-2019: Go-live Coffee Mug
    • End of 2019: Global Go-live Analytics Unlocked
    • Early 2020: Relaunch/Redesign Ingenuity
    • Ongoing: consulting for internal and external communications, UX consulting, design and brand development
  • Tech Stack

    • Varies according to project
  • Services

    • Data & Insights
    • Digital Marketing (Focus: Communication)
    • Digital Workplace
    • Fullservice
    • Digital Strategy
Merkle case study: insights into Siemens' Analytics Unlocked platform

Digital programme 2020+

Merkle has been supporting the digital transformation and cultural change at Siemens since 2018 as a strategic and operational partner in corporate communications. Together we are working on data-based concepts for all aspects of digital communications, developing new digital platforms and supporting Siemens in becoming an agile organization.

To achieve these objectives, our interdisciplinary teams work together with Siemens on several levels:

  • At management level we support Siemens in managing and developing the digital skills of the teams.
  • At a strategic level we help the company to work together more efficiently, respond more quickly to change and create positive customer experiences.
  • At the operational level we successfully implement innovative projects together.
Merkle case study: different work situations at Siemens

Efficient, intelligent, data-driven communication

Several projects, pilots and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) around global data-driven communication have been developed in this cooperation and have been awarded.

This is only the beginning of our successful path together. We are looking forward to it!



Take a deep dive into our projects

Mark Seall, Group Head of Digital Communications, Siemens AG
“We work with Merkle because we want and need to boldly break new ground in digital communication and need a partner who is capable of helping to shape this path. We have trusted the Merkle team for years and this decision has been confirmed time and again to this day: Reliability, innovation, courage, passion – that's what makes Merkle so valuable to us.”
Mark Seall Group Head of Digital Communications at Siemens AG

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