Based on data-driven planning, we increased and drove AUDI AG's visibility among relevant target groups.

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At a glance

  1. 01The challengeReach and engage users with relevant content
  2. 02Our approachDefining relevant KPIs, processes and templates for Audi AG thought leaders
  3. 03The resultVisibility index +15% and increased relevance for the respective target groups thanks to alignment of user, company and channel perspective
  • Sector

    • Automotive
  • Disciplines

    • Digital Marketing
    • Operations
    • UX/Design
    • Strategy & Consulting
    • Content
  • Year

    • 2017 - 2021
  • Services

    • Fullservice
    • Digital Strategy

The challenge

AUDI AG's target groups have special needs:

  • Journalists and professional multipliers are looking for the latest corporate information.

  • Business analysts and investors are interested in economic decision-making bases.

  • Car fans, potential buyers and the general public want to deepen their expertise on products and models.

The goal is to increase the performance of the respective areas in a consolidated manner and to position the company optimally vis-à-vis the competition on the basis of specific topics and associated metadata.

This involves defining relevant KPIs, processes and templates across channels, from the editorial plan for press releases to social media posts for the thought leaders at AUDI AG.

Our approach

SEO as a basis for planning

Periodic user data and topics in alignment with company and channel perspectives form the basis for overarching topic planning.

SEO as the basis for visibility

Search phrases and terms help to convey the company's topics in the user's language and thus make them more visible.

User behaviour as a basis for relevance

Language, channels and reading behaviour are criteria for relevance and use of content as a basis for editorial and technically prepared content.

Consolidation as a success factor

Consistent content produced across channels ensures concentrated impact and sustainable results, e.g. thought leadership in special topics.

The result: Visibility index +15%

SEO forms the performance-oriented and cross-channel planning, production and publication basis for AUDI AG's topics.

By balancing the user, company and channel perspectives, it not only increases the visibility of the topics, but also their relevance for the respective target group.

It also creates synergies, reduces production costs and at the same time increases the return on investment on the basis of strategic and sustainability-oriented KPIs.
Picture showing a new Audi
  • More visits

  • Longer average time per session

  • Bounce Rate (26 to 40% is considered excellent among news sites)

Cornelia Böhm, Global Social Media Strategist at AUDI AG
"In Merkle, we have had exactly the right partner for user-centred communication for years: competence, flexibility and prompt reaction to constantly changing customer requirements ensure that our brand, its products and topics are placed in the best possible way. One of the many highlights is the most successful campaign of the AUDI AG communications department to date. This is what a brand needs to stay relevant in the market."
Cornelia Böhm, Global Social Media Strategist at Audi AG

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