NIVEA MEN: Using eSports for a successful product launch

Our campaign for NIVEA MEN Deep combines passion for soccer with brand experience

Live event of FIFA 2020

At a glance

  1. 01The challenge Boosting brand awareness for new products
  2. 02Our approachSoccer + eSports = a perfect match
  3. 03The resultA campaign for champions
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Zwei Deos der Marke NIVEA MEN

The challenge

Beiersdorf stands for innovative skin care since 1882, with NIVEA MEN among the Group's numerous brands. In early 2019, the brand launched two new deodorants for the NIVEA MEN Deep product line – namely Wild Amazonia and Espresso.

With the creation of a digital campaign in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, Beiersdorf aimed to raise awareness for the new products among the target group of young Swiss men aged between 18 and 35, thereby ultimately aiming to increase sales.

Most people pay little attention to deodorants, as they are classic low-involvement products. That’s why the campaign was geared to present the new product variants in a credible and stimulating way while creating a positive brand perception. 

Our approach

Focus on the interests of the target group.

We identified the needs of the target group and consistently focused on them.

Level 1: eSports video.

The gamer’s attention was attracted by the use of a marketing campaign video.

Level 2: Match of the target group.

We directly involved the target group by offering virtual tournaments.

Thrilling live event.

The best eight teams of each qualification round competed in the final. Among them were eight professional gamers and, of course, the Twitch stream community.

Soccer + E-sports = Perfect Match

According to our conducted survey among Swiss men between 18 and 35 years, the topic of masculinity is no longer of interest. But what then? Well, soccer, of course.

At the same time, more than 70% of the target group are gamers provided great potential. Combining soccer and eSports not only opens up new areas of interest, it also leads the brand harmoniously into a new digital world of experience.

Bild zeigt die zwei Level der Kampagne fĂĽr NIVEA Men Deep

One game – two levels

Our campaign enabled NIVEA MEN Deep to link the world of eSports to their products and brand. That’s how NIVEA MEN conveyed a strong attitude full of self-confidence and the feeling of being at the top of the game.

The awareness phase serves to grab the attention of the target group and to own the topic.

In the second phase, NIVEA Men Deep dove even deeper into the eSports world and placed the campaign into actual eSports. This animated the target group to participate. At the same time, a unique brand experience was created. The ’eSports theme’ pulled through the entire campaign and turned the gamers are turning into campaign multipliers.

Game on with Merkle!

Kickoff. Let’s go.

We entered the pitch with an attention-grabbing OTV spot that was tailored to the target group: the video gets you in the right mood for soccer and eSports. This way, NIVEA MEN attracts the target group’s attention while introducing the brand into the world of tournaments and setting the stage for the new deodorants.

Just in time for the release of the new FIFA20 game by EA Sports, the FIFA20 tournament that is available for all Swiss, started. The qualification rounds took place online and we promoted them on social media and via newsletters.

Social Media Posts und Newsletter zur NIVEA Men Deep Kampagne

Live stream. Final. Here we go.

Finally, the virtual tournament turned into a real one for the final round: Switzerland's best gamers met at a live eSports event. The Zurich-based shopping center Sihlcity served as the stadium. Fans, friends and visitors enjoyed the live event up close.

The final was broadcasted live on Twitch. The popular presenter Peter Schwab from PetkusTV and the Swiss soccer and game influencer Cubanito are live on site and comment the event.

Gamer beim finalen FIFA-Wettbewerb

Low involvement becomes high involvement.

More than 115 and up to 170 participants took part in each qualifying round. That’s roughly equivalent to the number of participants in the Swiss FIFA Championships and even exceeds the Coca-Cola Cup numbers.

The top eight teams qualified for the live event. In addition, we invited eight professional gamers from various clubs to the final.

The tournament’s viewers were also involved. During the qualification rounds, the commentator raffled eight Playstation vouchers on the Twitch stream.

  • Increase in Sales Volume

  • Users in Eastern Switzerland Reached via Social Media (90% of the Target Group)

  • views on Twitch


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