Audi. Rapid launch campaign in blockbuster style

"Q8 Unleashed" captivates users with its own mini-series, content hub and social media campaign

At a glance

  1. 01The assignmentProduct communication in new ways
  2. 02The resultCaptivating launch campaign in channel mix

The challenge

The Audi Q8 makes it easy to leave the beaten track. The campaign should therefore also tread new paths: away from classic product communication towards digital storytelling. Instead of the product, AUDI AG is focusing on content. A special challenge: The Q8 must not be shown in its entirety until the official presentation.

  • Sector

    • Automobile industry
  • Disciplines

    • User Experience & Design
    • Content
  • Year

    • 2018
  • Tech Stack

    • Campaign control via microsite and various channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon Prime
  • Services

    • Digital Marketing
    • Experience Platforms
Video zur Audi Q8 Unleashed Kampagne

The assignment

With an integrated launch campaign, the traditional Ingolstadt-based company wants to surprise even long-standing Audi fans and win new target groups. The aim is to present the SUV in an extravagant context. The campaign must captivate, touch and inspire. The user should have fun interacting with multimedia elements. What is important is a universal language that is understood by the international target group.

Our approach.


A video series organically integrates the Audi Q8 into a convincing, exciting plot. KROPAC MEDIA is responsible for the production and realisation of the video series.


Social media, website, streaming service, live event: Q8 Unleashed uses different channels. Thanks to artistic standards and intelligent networking, the story remains consistent.

Content strategy

After identifying suitable target groups, channels, frameworks and publication frequencies, elaborate videos, images and suitable texts are produced.

From classic product communication to digital storytelling.

Social Media.

Like a real blockbuster, the series is teased with a global social media campaign. Small snippets on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram reveal what the user can expect in the next episode. On the Chinese channels WeChat and Sina Weibo, well-known influencers also provide support. The corresponding target group targeting is adapted to current conditions in real time.
Audi Unleashed Kampagne: umfangreiche Platzierungen auf Social Media


The individual episodes can be seen on a central website. On the microsite there is even more for the user to discover: Fluorescent tape reveals the contours of the vehicle, sketches show the underlying design concept. The stimulating and elaborately produced content whets the appetite for the Audi Q8. The website grows as the campaign progresses, revealing all the information on the SUV step by step.
Audi Unleashed: Microsite zur Kampagne

The result

"Q8 Unleashed offers storytelling in channel mix. The series, developed by KROPAC MEDIA, tells the story of a Californian couple in five thrilling episodes, who go through a wild ride of tension, love and always new twists. Each episode unveils a new detail of the SUV, increasing the anticipation of the official launch date. The series is complemented by social media posts and a website as a content hub. Whether image, text or video - everything follows the blockbuster motif.

Mission accomplished: "Q8 Unleashed" is AUDI AG's most successful online communication launch campaign.

  • impressions between mid of June 2018 on a global scale.

  • increase of YouTube subscribers in June 2018

  • Live stream coverage on June 5, 2018


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