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Eye-catching and differentiating: Merkle creates smart communication for the Swiss direct insurer

At a glance

  1. 01The challengeCreative ideas for all channels – online and offline
  2. 02Our approachMore attention through individual creativity
  3. 03The resultEvery touchpoint with the perfect message
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  • Sector

    • Insurance
  • Disciplines

    • Conception
    • Content Support
    • User Experience & Design
  • Year

    • 2017
  • Tech Stack

    • HTML 5
  • Services

    • Digital Marketing
    • Experience Platforms

The challenge is the innovative Swiss direct insurer. The company relies completely on digitisation and mainly offers its insurances online.

After many years of experience as the lead agency of and following the successful implementation of the 2015 and 2016 autumn campaign we were asked to help the Swiss direct insurance company to achieve its communication goals in 2017. Based on the jointly developed guiding principle of “Good insurance – it’s so easy” was conceived as an effective, cross-channel campaign.

Our tasks consists of developing and implementing creative ideas for all channels – online and offline. The aim of the campaign is to address users in a customised way in every phase of the customer journey.

Our approach

Our approach for the 2017 advertising campaign:

  • Customer journey targeting: All advertising material is assigned to one of the following phases of the customer journey ‒ awareness, interest, learning and action ‒ to address the users with the right message at every touchpoint.
  • Fitting messages in each phase: Based on the messages conveyed during the customer journey, all advertising materials used have an individual visual design. At the beginning (with placements addressing a broad target group), the messages are directed towards increasing brand awareness. Towards the end of journey, e.g. on comparative platforms or retargeting, the messages are directed towards performance. The goal is to accompany the users from the first encounter with the brand to the final conclusion of an insurance contract.
  • More attention through individual creativity: to increase customers’ attention and to set ourselves apart from other competitors, we use a combination of offline and online channels. Each format is customised to achieve the greatest possible impact.

A campaign that addresses users with the perfect message at every touchpoint.

For each phase of the customer journey a banner is created.

In the awareness phase, only an image is used in the advertising materials to convey the message. The banners in the learning and action phase, on the other hand, are clearly directed towards performance, and the USPs are prioritised. - Mobile Ansicht: Facebookseite Versicherungen

Posters with individual, regional motives.

Apart from posters with individual, regional motives, consumers will also receive message in special formats such as e-panels at the busiest Swiss train stations. Users will also be specifically targeted on the digital advertising spaces at petrol stations, multi-storey car parks, service stations and cinemas. Thanks to these innovative forms of advertising, we achieve a high visability throughout the entire customer journey. With a direct and witty customer address, we can clearly set ourselves apart from our competitors and increase brand recognition. - Rolltreppe mit Bildschirmen auf denen Werbung zu sehen ist

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