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International landing pages for maximum flexibility.

At a glance

  1. 01The challengeDifferent brand awareness and diverse target groups
  2. 02Our approachEnsure a coherent brand communication on an international basis
  3. 03The resultEasily create and adjust texts and images.
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  • Sector

    • Automotive
  • Disciplines

    • Conception
    • User Experience & Design
    • Technical implementation
  • Year

    • 2016
  • Tech Stack

    • Open Source CMS
  • Services

    • Fullservice
    • Experience Platforms

The challenge

DriveNow is the biggest carsharing company in Germany and a Joint Venture of SIXT and BMW. One goal of DriveNow is internationalization, which brings certain challenges with it such as different brand awareness and diverse target groups.

In the context of internationalization, DriveNow commissions Merkle to create individualized landing pages, that allow to publish marketing campaigns in different countries.

As a part of the project, Merkle is responsible for the concept, design as well as frontend and backend development. This includes the rebuilding of the Content Management System (CMS).

Our approach

  • Integrative project approach: DriveNow and Merkle form a common team with a common goal. The cooperation is based on a cooperative partnership with simple coordination channels. 
  • Thanks to a modular approach, individualized landing pages can be created quickly and easily
  • The selected open source Content Management System is very well suited for editorial as well as conceptual requirements
  • The simple editing and maintenance function allow the different countries to create their landing pages independently 
  • Stringent modules and a consistent design ensure a coherent brand communication on an international basis  

The modular, technological basis makes it possible to easily create and adjust future content such as images and text.

Multilingual pages.

This allows the pages to be displayed in multiple languages and adapted to the respective country conditions.
DriveNow: Mobile Anischt: Flexibles Carsharing von DriveNow

Quick orientation and optimized presentation.

DriveNow customers benefit from the puristic and responsive design, which enables a quick orientation as well as an optimized display on all mobile devices. The landing pages provide a flexible basis for a clear product and benefit communication.

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