Digital experience of saving money for children at Credit Suisse

Viva Kids facilitates an easy and playful way of learning about finances

At a glance

  1. 01The challengeNew, innovative content platform for parents and children
  2. 02Our approachReliable partner for financial education
  3. 03The resultViva Kids World
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  • Sector

    • Finance
  • Disciplines

    • Strategy & Consulting
    • Conception
    • User Experience & Design
    • Content: Creation / Migration
  • Year

    • 2017
  • Tech Stack

    • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Services

    • Digital Marketing
    • Experience Platforms
    • Digital Strategy

The challenge

Credit Suisse is one of Switzerland’s leading financial service providers. To expand its service portfolio, the large bank launched a new, innovative content platform for parents and children, with the key objective of conveying financial knowledge and expertise.

Merkle supports its long-standing customer Credit Suisse with its digital strategy, the conception and creation of content as well as the production of advertising material and the retargeting concept.

One of the main challenges was finding an appropriate way of addressing the target group, since the offers were directed not only at children but also at their parents.

Our approach

We took the following approach:

  • The landing page functions the marketing campaign’s central platform with a strong product focus and clear sales targets.
  • A content platform for the whole family underlines the Credit Suisse’s standing as a reliable partner for financial education.
  • We collaborate with external experts, educators and partners (e.g. Pro Juventute) in order to create an approach appropriate for the target group in question.

We establish joint educational processes and anchor these in the organisation.

Saving money becomes playful with the Viva Kids World.

Viva Kids World.

Specialist articles and expert advice offer parents assistance in terms of financial education. With the Viva Kids group, children learn the basics of money and how it works in a playful manner. Animation videos and interactive elements provide an understandable and suitable form of address.
Credit Suisse - Viva Kids: Tabletansicht Viva Kids World

Crossmedial orientation, advertising media and retargeting.

Through the consistent retargeting approach, parents are addressed directly. The advertising materials have been dynamically deposited in message clusters and programmed for all channels.
Credit Suisse - Viva Kids: Spar Quiz: Teste dein Wissen!

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