Clyde for AMAG. Online platform for the subscription model

Merkle accompanies the Swiss company with the realisation of their new business model

At a glance

  1. 01The challengeAt top speed to the MVP
  2. 02Our approachComprehensive technology package and agile working methods
  3. 03The resultHigh-performance platform for new business model in only six weeks
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  • Sector

    • Automotive
  • Disciplines

    • Technical strategy & evaluation
    • Detailed concept
    • Architecture
    • Content
    • Project management (agile workflow)
  • Year

    • 2019
  • Tech Stack

    • Salesforce
    • Zuora
    • Contentful
    • React
    • Node.js
    • GraphQL
    • Heroku
    • Cloudflare
  • Services

    • Experience Platforms

The Challenge

The AMAG Group is a real capacity in the automotive sector. The importer has been fulfilling the Swiss population's mobility wishes since 1945. Excellent service and customer orientation pay off: In terms of turnover, AMAG is now one of the 50 largest Swiss companies. 90 percent of all Swiss know the brand.

With the new business model Clyde, the AMAG Innovation & Venture LAB aims to strengthen its position in the digital subscription economy: a subscription model for cars. Merkle is workingclosely with AMAG to develop the right online platform to ensure that the company is able to realise this business innovation digitally. The aim is to make the ordering process as simple and transparent as possible and to automate processes. A special challenge: In order to meet the high market dynamics, the MVP version of the platform had to be realised in only six weeks.

With an agile approach, a comprehensive technology package and close cooperation for innovation.

Speed. Scalable.

Innovations require early availability of the respective product or service. In the case of AMAG, additional market developments demand an extremely rapid implementation of the project. Therefore speed is enormously important. The Merkle experts work a large part of the time directly on site at AMAG – which speeds up decisions. The speed can be further increased by cloud-based software. Within just three sprints and a few weeks, a functional MVP is created that enables the go-live of the online platform in Switzerland.
AMAG Clyde: Bestellprozess auf der neuen Online-Plattform

Technology. Perfectly synchronized set-up.

Various tools and technologies are used for a high-performance online platform. The Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud is the foundation of CRM. Zuora is used as the subscription engine. Contentful is the right CMS for texts, images and other assets. The platform set-up is also designed in such a way that any mobility services can be operated in the future.
AMAG Clyde: Die Auswahl an Autos auf der neuen Online-Plattform ist gross

Leverage. Use existing USPs.

The existing vehicle pool serves as the basis for car subscriptions. This is both an advantage and a challenge: each vehicle is unique. Existing services, processes and locations within the AMAG corporate structure can also be used as leverage. Furthermore, the aim is to expand the platform into a marketplace where AMAG's partners can actively participate.
  • for the time to market.

  • for the realisation of the MVP.

  • from Merkle.


The result

In sprints for iterative, joint implementation, Merkle develops a platform with AMAG that addresses a growing customer need and supports AMAG's rapid market entry. With the right balance between design and implementation speed, a website can go live within a very short time, which focuses on the user and at the same time meets the special requirements of the distribution system.

A transparent ordering process shows users from the beginning the steps to the successful subscription. This makes it easy for customers to find the perfect car.

Various APIs enable the connection to further digital systems and communities. So the platform can be easily extended later.

Remo Girard, Product Owner Clyde
"Merkle proves digital expertise, speed and real team spirit in our collaboration. We are pleased that we have found the ideal partner for our project. “
Remo Girard ist Product Owner bei Clyde, Amag

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