ADAC – Relaunch

Redesign digital brand appearance

At a glance

  1. 01The challengeNew look of its brand appearance
  2. 02Our approachAgile project procedure and high-level interdisciplinarity
  3. 03The resultIn July 2016, the new supply side “Financial Services” went live
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  • Sector

    • Automobile
  • Disciplines

    • Conception
    • Technical implementation
    • Agile workflow
  • Year

    • 2016
  • Tech Stack

    • Sitecore
  • Services

    • Fullservice
    • Experience Platforms

The challenge

The ADAC is Germany’s biggest automobile club based in Munich. The association had set itself the goal of redesigning its digital brand presence by 2018 and chose Merkle as its partner.

The aim of the new website was for it to become a device-, time-, and location-independent platform for members, costumers and other interested parties.

"Our website is a central means of communication and interaction, which is increasingly gaining in importance with the growing mobile use. We are very pleased to have found a competent and reliable partner in Merkle for the further strategic development of In particular, we appreciate the support of Merkle in introducing agile project management methods in the ADAC."

Marion Ebentheuer, Managing director ADAC e.V.

Our approach

  • The whole project follows the concept of a uniform brand appearance
  • Establishment of Sitecore, the leading .NET Costumer-Experience-Management-Solution
  • Agile project procedure and high-level interdisciplinarity: Merkle takes over the integration of Sitecore and the connection of interfaces in close cooperation with ADAC IT. The front end is provided by Edelweiss72.
  • Scrum is implemented as well as promoted and supported by the top-management
  • Standardization and usage of synergies
  • Step by step: The new brand appearance was launched gradually in 2018. Till then: the old and the new world lived side by side.

In July 2016, the new supply side “Financial Services” went live. In 2018, a unified digital brand identity was created.

In its structure and presentation the new site strictly follows the user needs.

Until 2018, a uniform digital brand appearance was developed. Fast, quick, and clear ways leading to offers and information. Simple, distinct orientation and intuitive usability. Relevant and well compiled content as well as high retrievability of the site in search engines. Device-independent: Optimized for mobile use, even if data connection is poor.
ADAC - Mobile Ansicht der Website

Moreover, ADAC profits internally.

A simple editorial process ensures a high degree of acceptance among authors; the Content Management System Sitecore is in line with the technology strategy of the association. Thereby, investment security is guaranteed for the years ahead.
ADAC - Übersicht der ADAC Kreditkarten

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Your contacts at Merkle: Tobias Hollritt for Switzerland, David Haunold for Austria and Benjamin Quitter for Germany