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Experience & Commerce

We create experiences that empower individuals, build brands and transform businesses.


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The Experience & Commerce Challenge

The next 20 years will see a shift in focus (and cash) from task-based convenience to longer-term relationship building. As we maximise the benefits of speed, convenience becomes table stakes. And businesses must ask themselves: in a world where all options are equally convenient, what determines where consumers spend their money? What new factors will shape buying behaviour and long-term loyalty? We help clients drive next generation loyalty by connecting every touchpoint of the customer journey, through unparelled strategy, design, content and data - customer experiences that drive behaviour.

Why Experience & Commerce matters to your company

In today’s world, it’s easy to catch the consumer’s eye with a clever, well-targeted message. It’s much more difficult to build and manage a portfolio of valuable relationships for the long term. But it’s essential. Our rich history and unrivalled expertise in data and identity means we understand your customers, their behaviours, and their needs on a 1:1 level in order to deliver truly relevant and personalised experiences. We help build the only path to long-term success, through creating a total customer experience that can win a lifetime of transactions.

The Merkle solution

Commerce is not a website or a point in the customer journey. It is brands’ moment of truth and spans from initial awareness through product delivery. From building ecommerce websites that communicate seamlessly with stores, developing clienteling applications that connect with loyalty platforms, to creating mobile experiences that interact with kiosks and digital signage. Our connected commerce capabilities deliver world-class experiences in ways that are fast, proven, and designed to connect.

Experience & Commerce in the broader picture

Our vision is building next generation loyalty by offering experience strategy, connected experiences and orchestrated services. Our team can help both optimise your business and distribution models for optimum commerce efficiency, and enables brands to create experiences that empower positive behaviour and develop long-term relationships with consumers.

Why work with us?

We are a collection of problem solvers, artists, technologists, and passionate, creative minds. We are experience and commerce experts. There isn’t an inch of the digital commerce terrain we haven’t explored. We bring together exceptional expertise, people passionate about commerce, and proven processes to create a boutique experience at enterprise scale.