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Our experts bring people-based marketing to life – to convince your customers across all channels

Digital expertise – at a glance

  1. 01People-based marketingOur offer for your digital success
  2. 02Approaching customers on pointOptimise digital activities based on data
  3. 03Long-term cooperationRetainers as a success factor

Our services

Do you want to inspire customers with your digital presence? Our experts will ensure that you are convincing – with messages that are perfectly tailored to your target groups and their touchpoints.

Our promise: high-quality content and measurable success "on time & in budget"

Together with you we bring people-based marketing to life and provide you with

  • Holistic and specialised consulting
  • Channel expertise and tool know-how (search, social, website & email)
  • understanding of data and analytics 
  • Content & asset production

We focus on long-term cooperation and remain at your side with fixed core teams. Our experts are at home in the digital world and are specialists in their field. Benefit from more than 35 digital marketing professionals with diverse expertise.

  • successfully implemented projects

  • experts for your success in marketing


Merkle as a one-stop shop for your always-on marketing

Understanding target groups and needs

Stop working in silos: our experts will show you what your target group needs. So that we can anticipate your customers and place relevant information at the right touchpoints.

To achieve this, we first form audiences: strategic target groups that are similar in certain demographics and interests. In addition, we define how to best approach them. This way, you know exactly which core messages will delight your users.

Thanks to fixed performance parameters, you can later track precisely whether your marketing measures are performing as desired – and optimise your activities based on data. For measurable success.

Merkle Digital Marketing content cycle
We accompany you along the entire content cycle

Content is king

True to the motto, our digital marketing experts work closely together. They know which contents capture users and what makes for good content. Website texts, images, illustrations, high-quality videos and more make your messages come alive.

With Merkle, you will benefit from content in all major languages and formats – perfectly tailored to your target audience, optimised for search engines and adapted to thechannels.

Woman producing content

Multi-channel planning and delivery

Attention-grabbing, right on target, sustainable: We make sure that you reach your target group at the right time and on the right channel – with personalised content that converts.

Therefore, we use all channels along the individual and personal journey of your consumers – for example, social media for direct interaction, newsletters and direct mailings to push notifications on smartphones. We optimise the customer journey in real-time and direct your customers to relevant services.

In addition, we continuously prioritise and evaluate the channels that are used for content distribution. This allows for an optimal allocation of advertising budgets and maximises marketing efficiency.

Data-driven customer approach for the perfect marketing moment

Does your digital marketing bring the desired outcome? Our experts will show you how to optimise your digital activities based on data.

Thanks to defined KPIs and easy-to-read dashboards you can monitor the success of individual actions. This allows you to react to changes immediately.

Our experts use AB and regression tests to monitor the effectiveness of your content. We also evaluate data in real time and dynamically optimise customer journeys.

Your advantage: At all times, you will know the optimal next-best action to take and use the right moment toconvince your target group – for example with the right product recommendation, a mail voucher or the beach video that awakens holiday feelings. For successful, data-driven customer approaches.

Retainer: long-term cooperation as a success factor

Knowing what your customers want.

We believe that this is the success factor for long-term cooperation. Because then all measures and activities focus on the shared, great goal

That is why we want to know who you are and what you and your brand stand for. How to we do this? By picking up the phone more often or hopping on the train to work at your location.

For making your marketing successful, we at Merkle focus on

  • The right set-up with a fixed core team
  • An integrated approach along the customer journey – and
  • Compensation models that are optimally suited to your marketing activities

This makes us the perfect addition for your digital marketing department. Let’s get started!


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