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Marketing Automation – with Prince Charles and Ozzy Osbourne

What do Prince Charles and Ozzy Osbourne have in common? A lot! Both were born in England in 1948 and married twice. Both are wealthy, like dogs and like to spend their winter holidays in the Alps. That's what the demographic facts say. Many marketing automation companies put the two into one target group based on this data.

But there is more: Prince Charles cultivates a diplomatic tone of conversation and trusts his wife in important decisions. Ozzy Osbourne – rock star with a scandalous life – gets tangled up in his own argumentation and asks incoherent questions. And these are certainly not the only differences.

In order to be able to address both with the appropriate message, marketing must also consider such empathic factors – welcome to people-based marketing.

Vereinfachte Customer Journey
Use Marketing Automation and people-based marketing to tailor your measures fitting to the journey of your customers.

Lower failure and more success in marketing

The more data available about the individual user groups, the higher the probability that the marketing message will fit the needs of the individual person. If you even find out which phase of a purchase process users are in, you also minimize the risk of Marketing Automation showing them a product they have already purchased over and over again.

We will show you in the whitepaper how to reduce inappropriate measures in people-based marketing and how to make marketing automation a success. So that Prince Charles gets the tuxedo and Ozzy Osbourne gets the creepy jewelry.

With Marketing Automation we make your CRM measures even more successful.

Your contacts at Merkle: Tobias Hollritt for Switzerland, David Haunold for Austria and Benjamin Quitter for Germany