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  1. 01CMS evaluation, UX design, CMS implementationWhat we can offer for your digital success
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Experience management: The next generation of content management

Welcome to Age of the Customer. The classic content management system has changed into a global, intelligent integration platform. The future is called Experience Management.

We will accompany you through your digital change – with smart ideas and a passion for tomorrow's technologies.

From strategic CMS evaluation, creative conception with unique UX design to technical implementation and smart CMS optimisation: we will show you how to use digital technologies profitably.

To achieve this, we will perfectly adapt the architecture and workflow of your platform to multiple languages and cultures. Technically and organisationally. This enables you to create an optimised and consistent customer experience across all channels – so that you exceed the expectations of your target group.

Full service for smart customer experience management

CMS evaluation – a sound basis

Create an optimised and consistent user experience thanks to the correct system landscape. Based on your goals, we evaluate the appropriate CMS and implement integrated websites and applications for your online presence. In doing so, we make sure that your new CMS exactly matches your requirements for a scalable platform and the needs of your target group. For tailor-made authoring environments, workflows ad simple international roll-out and personal web experiences. This allows you to make optimal use of resources and fully exploit the market potential.
Merkle Meeting of the UX Skill Group

UX design – designing customer experience

Be convincing ‒ with designs that remain in the minds of your target group. So that you can use images to tell your customers stories, intuitively guide them through your website and create positive experiences throughout the entire customer journey. Our experts know what inspires your customers. Using smart concepts and designs, they create a unique user experience ‒ perfectly adapted to the current technical requirements and expectations. This is how you make your online presence into a convincing digital experience. For more potential customers, higher conversion and greater customer loyalty.
Merkle engineering

CMS implementation

Technically up-to-date: benefit from a scalable, compatible and future-proof CMS solution ‒ individually tailored to your needs. We will ensure that your CMS fits seamlessly into your IT architecture. We will integrate the affiliated systems such as your CRM, ERP, eCommerce, marketing automation or analytics system. Be ready to convince and win over your target group at any time of the customer journey thanks to the appropriate system landscape.
CMS optimisation: personalisation and targeting
“One size fits all” was yesterday. A mixed target group from all over the world uses your international website and leaves data behind. Benefit from it ‒ and get the best out of your Experience Platform together with us. We’ll show you how to use key figures profitably. For targeted personalisation and smart targeting. We also use sophisticated A/B and multivariate testings to ensure that you understand your customers even better. For more relevant, engaging experiences. This is how we make you even more successful.
Wir beraten Sie bei der Evaluation der passenden CRM-Lösung.

Be a winner in digital business – with Merkle

Heading towards the future with Merkle. With a strong full-service partner at your side ‒ work for us is fun every day.

We have been successfully implementing content management projects for more than 20 years:

  • We understand the requirements of modern experience management ‒ from multi-site, multi-language, multi-author, targeting and personalisation to governance, operations, security and automated testing.
  • Based on your goals and the needs of your customers, we will make your CMS future-proof.

We combine expert knowledge with cutting-edge technologies ‒ for outstanding customer experiences.


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