Data Science: Driving your digital business

Make use of Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning for your digital success

The optimal customer experience requires a deep understanding of each individual customer in many different dimensions and situations. Truly understanding the customer is about extracting actionable information from the wealth of data you collect and using it to make the right decisions for your business and your customers. If you know what your customers want, you can adapt your offering perfectly to their wishes - and strengthen your own market position.

Merkle colleagues analyzing data

Therefore you need to collect, process, consolidate, enrich your data, gain insight from it and put that into action. Merkle can help you achieve this: we can show you how to easily and efficiently integrate insights from data for your operational business. From strategy to automation, we will guide you on your path to a successful, data-driven organisation.

Comprehensive data expertise

Starting from the perspective of what value means to your business and what can be done to improve it, our teams of data experts plan, build and operate appropriate solutions to deliver relevant, actionable insights where it matters. Our goal is to add value to your business through insight-driven action.

By applying our broad expertise to a solution-oriented approach, we effectively respond to businesses’ unique needs and opportunities. Our data experts work across disciplines to address your individual challenges. We offer the full range of data-driven solutions: from enterprise-level strategic consulting to expert technical implementations and managed services. We always work across teams and perspectives to develop sustainable solutions for your business.

Experience Data Science: current client projects

Our solutions - from strategy to automation

Your company and its requirements are unique - as are the solutions we develop for you.  We offer a range of services and solutions that we combine individually to support you with the best solution possible.

data strategy

Data Strategy Consulting

The key to becoming a data-driven organization is to define a clear goal and carefully but pragmatically coordinate the individual steps along the way. The Merkle Strategy Team supports you in becoming more data-centric and in developing a performance-oriented culture. You have a substantial amount of data and wonder how to take advantage of it? Data Strategy Consulting will help to achieve your goals and guide you with a structured approach.

customer research

Customer Research and Insights

Our experts ensure that you can apply customer-centricity through in your organization and make informed decisions. We are the conduits between our clients and their customers, helping them listen to their feedback, and translating their needs and requirements into actionable insights.

data science

Data Science

Our Data Scientists are leaders in connecting machine learning approaches to business problems. We help you get the most out of your data and learn from the past to influence your future. You have more value than you think in your data! Through Data Mining, Predictive Modelling Techniques, and crafting insightful algorithms and statistics model, we can make your data work for you.

web tracking

Web Tracking

Selecting the most appropriate combination of digital analytics solutions is critical to a business’ success but implementing them in the optimal way is equally important. Merkle works with its clients to address both considerations and is experienced in working across established technology stacks and broader combinations of technologies.

visual analytics

BI and Visual Analytics

Our dashboard solutions condense all relevant information that directly impact your business decision making. We create an impactful view, so that you are equipped to make business-impacting decisions. Let data speak to you, effective visuals help you see the bigger picture, taking more informed decisions!

customer data

Customer Data Platform / Single Customer View

Having a customer 360° view represents one of the most important strategic assets for many companies. Merkle helps you achieve your goals by providing experts for all relevant CDP solutions - whether your company may be more focused on digital or holistic data-driven marketing activities.

data architecture

Data Architecture & Engineering

We work with your teams to identify a sensible and future proof roadmap for cloud data platforms adoption and implementation. Our experts use proven technologies such as MLOps and DevOps to automate and manage deployment of machine learning and cloud components. Your data is everywhere, stored in different systems across your business. The ideal enterprise data architecture design coupled with well-automated integrations will help you access the right data at the right place.

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