Marketing automation

Targeted, successful communication – all automatic.

Lead your users to the next relevant conversion

Together with you, we will analyse your existing marketing processes and define your advertising goals. Based on this, we will develop a marketing automation strategy.

The five-stage plan for successful marketing automation

  1. Define goals and conversions: which desired actions should the strategy be designed for? For example, a contact confirmation on your website.

  2. Establish the basic strategy: which user group is relevant in which phase of the user journey? 

  3. Determine the nurturing strategy: what content does the user need to carry out the desired action?

  4. Create messages and content: when and on which channels should the content be played out in order to achieve the defined goals?

  5. Define processes: what is the timing of the entire concept?


Powerful tools and partners.

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More successful communication thanks to marketing automation and the targeted control of content.
smart: Einblicke in das gemeinsame Projekt

Our CRM offer at a glance.

With Marketing Automation, we make your CRM measures even more successful.

Your contacts at Merkle: Tobias Hollritt for Switzerland, David Haunold for Austria and Benjamin Quitter for Germany