Customer acquisition with CRM

Step by step to the new customer.

How does a lead turn into a customer?

If you want to convert your leads into new customers, you will always have to offer them the “next best action” as they make their way to their purchase. Recognise your customers’ needs before they arise. Merkle can help. We will network your channels and provide the lead with the offer your customer requires. We will improve the customer experience and bring the lead closer to your company with as much focus as possible.

We accompany your CRM measures along the entire sales funnel.

Sales funnel – from the first contact to the customer.

Create incentives, arouse curiosity, strengthen needs, convince - this is the perfect customer journey. In reality, things often work out differently: on the way through the sales funnel, only a fraction of the traffic is converted into leads and ultimately into new customers. With you, too? Then we will change this.
Machen Sie Kund/innen neugierig mit Ihren Massnahmen.
Arouse curiosity!

Sales automation – the channel for excellent customer relationships.

Many roads may lead to Rome, but only one leads to your customers. That’s why Merkle combines all sales processes into one sales automation concept with the right technical solution to go with it. Link up your external sales force with your in-house sales staff. Prioritise and automate tasks. According to the motto “All for one ‒all for your customer”, we focus the sales roles involved in the lead and encourage the customer to buy. To achieve this, we always consider the customer’s view, the business view and the technological view. ... and optimally coordinate them with one another.
Wir optimieren Ihre Website und steigern die Conversion.
Successful CRM takes different perspectives into account.

Optimising conversion – it’s still possible to make further improvements.

Place relevant offers. Offer a simple and clear approach. Eliminate hurdles and obstacles. Encourage prospective customers to buy. Based on the existing data of your leads paired with our expert knowledge and comprehensive user tests, we will thoroughly research the user experience. We optimise your website or your shop, eliminate any barriers and reduce the bounce rate. With appropriate analysis tools, we will help you to focus on the right details and improve them continually. This allows you to integrate your findings directly into your future planning.

Successful projects.

Our CRM offer at a glance.

We will jointly boost your company’s sales revenues.

Your contacts at Merkle: Tobias Hollritt for Switzerland, David Haunold for Austria and Benjamin Quitter for Germany