Enhancing customer loyalty with CRM

A shopping experience that provides guaranteed satisfaction.

How to make sure that customers always have a happy memory of you

Happy customers are repeat buyers. They identify themselves with your brand, are interested in your other products and, most importantly, they will recommend you.

Boost customer loyalty through personal experiences.

Products, price and appreciation.

Merkle helps you to enhance customer loyalty by offering them a personal experience from the very first purchase. We will conduct satisfaction surveys, develop referral campaigns and automate your personalised after-sales communication.
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Stable, long-term customer relationships are the greatest contribution to corporate success.

Long-term customer loyalty.

We tailor your company’s services perfectly to your target group and their individual wishes. This ensures long-term customer loyalty. As a result, your costs for customer acquisition will decrease, the number of deals and sales increase.

Customer management strategy – for a good relationship

Customer loyalty only works if you offer existing customers a good service. How do you offer them this? By preparing yourself ‒ in terms of your staff, your technology and throughout all your departments. With our customer management strategy, we can help you to create the infrastructure you need for a customer service beyond compare.

  • Are you using the right channels to offer your services and are they easily accessible? 

  • Do your employees have all the information they need to provide the best possible service?

  • Do you have simple solutions to deal quickly and effectively with customer concerns?

  • Do your departments work together efficiently and benefit from each other’s skills? 

Merkle will make sure that you can respond with a clear “yes” to these questions in future ‒ and that your company stands for good customer service.

Customer loyalty – creating the right incentives

A customer purchases something from you. He is satisfied with your product. He or she is interested in the rest of your product range, and recommends you to his or her family and friends. The customer becomes an ‘ambassador’ for your brand. 

In order for you to achieve this, it is important to stay on the ball. Show your customers why they made the right choice when buying your products ‒ and reinforce their loyalty to your company. Merkle will help you. Our experts will develop the right programmes to engage your customers and maintain long-term interest in your brand. Using the right tools will help you become better acquainted with your customers: we combine the right data, create an individual loyalty status on the basis of this data and provide your target group with suitable recommendations

Service management ‒ contact via all channels

By chat, messenger, social media or telephone ‒ customers can contact you with questions, requests or complaints using various channels. Their goal is always the same: they all expect good service, preferably around the clock. 

We develop self-service portals where your target group can find the information and services they need. We support you in optimising your processes and systems, from office staff to local agents, and in making your efficiency transparent using KPIs. 

Leave nothing to chance ‒ offer your customers the best possible service. Then a purchase becomes a long-term relationship.

Successful projects.

Our CRM offer at a glance.

Together we make customers happy and retain them in the long term.

Your contacts at Merkle: Tobias Hollritt for Switzerland, David Haunold for Austria and Benjamin Quitter for Germany