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Activating the Connected Traveler

Master the Moments that Matter to Travel Customers

Our three-part on-demand webinar series, “Activating the Connected Traveler,” will equip you to respond to and even predict your customers’ digital actions in real time. You’ll walk away with a plan for implementing cutting-edge strategies like micro-targeting, personalization, real-time tagging, connecting online and offline data, and customer journey modeling.

Travelers will gravitate to the brands that understand them and offer the right solutions at every point in the customer journey. Give them the relevant experiences they crave.

Videos in the Series

  • Online-Offline Data Enablement: Tie a customer’s online and mobile presence to their address and demographic information so your email and direct mail promotions work together.
  • Customer Journey Activation: Signposts on the Path to Conversion: You already pay attention to the path your customers take with your brand. Learn to offer the right experiences on that journey based on what’s important to each customer.
  • Micro-targeting and Personalizing to the Connected Traveler: When customers want to meet a need immediately, be ready for them on mobile, search, video, and more.

Meet the Presenters

Online-Offline Data Enablement

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Customer Journey Activation: Signposts on the Path to Conversion

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Micro-targeting and Personalizing to the Connected Traveler

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