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2020 Marketing Imperatives Webinar Series - Imperative Three: Enable Agility Through Strategic Sourcing

Original Presentation Date

Apr 07, 2020

Key Takeaways

Detailed Overview

The very definition of marketing is in the midst of a meaningful change, because of rapid shifts in consumer behaviour. Forces like the direct-to-consumer business model are taking the need for personalisation to a new level. Netflix, Uber, Dollar Shave Club, and their ilk, have materially changed customer expectations around the ways they interact and engage with brands.

CMOs find themselves adjusting to these forces, while at the same time adjusting to increased privacy concerns, as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) spark further regulation. The CMO is in the driver’s seat of a major pivot in the marketing approach that must be carried out across the entire organisation.

Join our experts as they dive into today’s most pressing challenges and opportunities for marketing leaders in the third and final part of our 2020 Marketing Imperatives webinar series.

To effectively compete against digitally native brands, most marketing organisations need to rethink their operations. Ultimately, the optimal team structure will be one that’s unique to a firm. The few who invest in the effort to optimise their marketing organisation will also be building an advantage that will be difficult to replicate. Join Toby Benjamin and Mark Clydesdale, as they guide attendees through processes to determine their unique optimal resourcing mix between in-house, external teams, offshore, and everything in-between.

We encourage you to download your copy of the Marketing Imperatives eBook ahead of the webinar.


Toby Benjamin

VP, Advertising Consultancy

Mark Clydesdale

VP, Transformation & Strategy

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