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In the digital age, companies need new solutions to remain attractive for users and to win new clients. Merkle always is aware of the latest developments in E-commerce. We can help you create a system that is state of the art at all times.

As your project partner, we turn your vision into reality. We take a holistic approach: we bring together business objectives, customer needs and technical possibilities. Depending on your needs, we accompany you along the entire path from strategy to customer loyalty. Our Commerce team takes care of:

  • strategy
  • design
  • technical implementation
  • continuous optimisation
  • and marketing

Whether B2C, B2B, B2B2C or D2C: We find the right E-commerce solution for every business case - with measurable success.

  • Total Commerce projects

  • Commerce experts

  • Certified employees


Your first step to successful commerce

Would you like to figure out the opportunities and potential that e-commerce offers your company? Where are the first quick wins and which challenges need to be mastered? Then have a look at our "E-commerce Check-up". We would be happy to guide you through the topics presented in a personal meeting!

Success factors for your E-commerce

Customer Research

For successful e-business you need to know your customers very well. Ask yourself: What channels are my customers using and why do they shop like they do?

Design Thinking

We use customer-centric methods to create the best customer experience with high conversions. To achieve this, we rely on user tests and other experimental methods.


Only if your online store is visible, it can be successful. In digital marketing, it's all about getting the right message to the right target group at the right time.

Clever implementation

We consciously focus on the right mix of best practice and innovation approaches and thus make users and business stakeholders happy.


Success in e-business requires high-quality content and platforms with many functions. Take offline channels and corresponding media breaks into account.


Automatically merge customer data into a golden record – a comprehensive master data record. This is the basis for perfectly personalised customer journeys.

Perfect processing

Digital and real services must work perfectly together to ensure that the entire purchasing process is convincing. Well-integrated fulfillment processes strengthen the trust of your users.

Smart technology in the background

Offer your customers all important data and excellent performance – with the right platform, PIM and perfect scalability.
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Steps to successful E-commerce

User centred strategy

A successful E-commerce strategy puts the user in the focus. Therefore, the first question is: How do you reach your customers at the different touchpoints and what do they expect from your purchase? The answer is provided by corresponding analyses, interviews and user tests. 

Based on the results, we identify the key elements for your sustainable success in E-commerce. Together with you, we develop the appropriate customer journeys. We identify the core processes in the background and work together to develop the optimal functional and technological system architecture for your E-commerce.

In B2B, e-commerce plays an important role

Perfect product marketing

To ensure that the right target group sees your product at the right time, we rely on a suitable mix of different marketing activities. For example:

  • digital advertising campaigns, 
  • always-on measures, 
  • content marketing,
  • search engine optimization,
  • and e-mail marketing

This way your products and services get the attention they deserve.

Merkle E-Commerce Cycle

Ideal E-commerce platform

With the right E-commerce platform you can differentiate yourself from the competition and strengthen your own brand. There are many aspects to consider:

  • Product staging
  • Check-out process
  • Order management
  • Fulfillment and 
  • many more

Our experts are perfectly familiar with all these from a creative, strategic and technological perspective

For implementation we use classic and headless E-commerce architectures – for example, based on the products of our software partners Adobe, Salesforce, SAP, Sitecore and Zuora

We see Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) as an ongoing task. We use the following methods, among others: 

  • SEO analysis
  • UX testing
  • Analytics data
  • Content optimisation

Customer loyalty

To ensure that your relationship with users extends beyond their first order, we rely on various customer retention measures:

  • Customer profiles in e.g. CDP or CRM systems
  • Marketing automation measures
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Digital analytics reports and dashboards

We also support you in generating and converting leads with a structured lead-nurturing process.

E-commerce for the B2B industry

For B2B companies the digital transformation is often a technical and organizational challenge. But don't worry: special E-commerce solutions for the B2B sector support even complex purchasing decisions and meet high customer demands. B2B providers with an integrated E-commerce strategy and the right service approach strengthen their position in the market.

In the digital world, the following applies: the added value for customers is the basis for your sustainable success. With Merkle, you can turn your sites into a lead-generating service portal with an integrated CPQ (Configure Price Quote) process or even a fully transactional online store for your customers.

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