Illustration zu einer Commerce Journey

Whitepaper: E-commerce must evolve.

From facilitating isolated transactions to delivering enduring relationships with customers.

When you first think about e-commerce, it’s very easy to jump to the conclusion that each customer‘s commerce experience ends with a completed transaction, or in marketing‘s lingo, with a conversion in the online shop. However, that is exactly the moment when it starts to get interesting and this first conversion should merely be seen as the start of a long-lasting relationship with customers instead. The total customer experience is ultimately shaped by the factual and emotional presentation of the products, the consistent digital representation of the brand and its values, the entire buying experience and last but not least, the after-sales customer service experience. The commerce experience starts with the first conversion, it does not end with it. 

So, how can you evolve towards creating an e-commerce experience that doesn’t just deliver a multitude of one-off sales, but instead is the cornerstone of all individual customer relationships, driving loyalty and advocacy? 

Our commerce expert Benjamin Adler shows this in his latest whitepaper “E-commerce must evolve: from facilitating isolated transactions to delivering enduring relationships with customers”.

Download the whitepaper now.

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