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Customer Experience Imperatives 2021

Your Formula for successful Customer Experience Transformation

Webshops, apps or the good old newsletter: Virtually every company uses digital tools to stay competitive in today's market – especially in times of covid. However, in the year 2021, that will no longer be enough.

Future-oriented companies need a radical shift in focusA total customer experience transformation.

This year’s Customer Experience Imperatives reflect the importance of people-based marketing. They are based on a three-part approach:. To achieve outstanding Customer Experience, you’ll need to focus on data transformation, digital transformation — and last but not least, become an adaptive organization to satisfy ever-changing customer needs.

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Data Transformation

Data transformation helps you to interpret and improve your omnichannel customer experience. It’s the privacy-safe acquisition, management, analysis, and activation of valuable data, with cloud platforms and AI facilitating and informing customer experiences in real-time.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation refers to making customer motivation the number one priority of your digital presence. At every step, the digital journey should be tailored to the needs of the customers. This gives you the power to be agile – when your customer demands change, you will be able to pivot immediately to meet them.

Adaptive Organisation

In order to change how people work, your enterprise must be adaptive. Instead of tying your thought processes to structures, systems and core capabilities, your team has to adapt to customer needs wherever required to produce responsive outputs quickly and collaboratively. This will enable you to set the crucial focus for 2021: the evolving customer experience.

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