Salesforce's ground-breaking announcement of Salesforce Genie marks the most significant news in the past two decades.

E-Book Genie Salesforce

Genie can handle enormous amounts of real-time data streams, which it combines with Salesforce's transactional data. By utilizing this technology, you can gain a competitive edge by engaging your customers in the moment that matters. But what exactly does Genie mean for your brand within the Salesforce ecosystem?

At Merkle, we have the answers in the ebook which can help you discover:

• What benefits can Genie offer to your business?

• How does Genie impact your existing Salesforce investments?

• What does it mean for you as a CMO, CDO, or Marketing Operations Lead?

• How do you choose the right implementation partner to make the most of the Genie's features?

Download the e-book now for free.

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