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Marketing Imperatives 2019.

Your roadmap to People-Based Marketing.

Merkle published the Marketing Imperatives for the seventh time in a row. The comprehensive paper publishes thoughts on this years most relevant topics of digital transformation with a roadmap for a customer-centric business strategy aimed at creating even more personalized customer experiences. Download the Marketing Imperatives and get inspired. We look forward to discussing the Marketing Imperatives in a personal conversation.

Management summary.

Merkle Kundenbeziehung

People-Based Marketing bundles our demand to really know customers, solely as individuals, and to address them directly and as such. Do not longer focus your marketing measures on target groups or personas, but design them in such a way that each customer is addressed individually according to his needs. If you succeed, your customers will become loyal customers.

The goal is to create even more relevant and personalized experiences to increase your revenue and extend the life cycle of your customers.

People-Based Marketing is not just a marketing strategy, but a growth strategy.

Achieve better results with the right strategy

Anyone who has understood this approach and lives it throughout the entire company is optimally equipped for the future of digital transformation. This year Merkle´s Marketing Imperatives is the seventh edition published. They serve as a guideline for successful People-Based Marketing and contain concrete recommendations for your company.

Learn how the right strategy can help you achieve better results and differentiate your business from competitors. The Marketing Imperatives describe in detail three essential action items to People-Based Marketing:

  • Integrate your Customer Strategy
  • Integrate your Technology Stack
  • Integrate your Execution

You have questions about the Marketing Imperatives?

Your contacts at Merkle: Tobias Hollritt for Switzerland, David Haunold for Austria and Benjamin Quitter for Germany