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Marketing Imperatives 2020.

Learn how to embrace the power of consumers.

Embrace the power of consumers. Welcome the revolution

Every year Merkle publishes its guiding ideas on the most relevant topics of digital transformation, called “Marketing Imperatives”. In this year's edition it's all about hyper-personalization and the connected customer experience.

It’s 2020, and the next level of disruption means willfully thinking about the consumer with every decision we make across the enterprise.

The future is here now, and it’s called people-based marketing.

In its eighth edition, the award-winning Marketing Imperatives details how brand success will ultimately hinge upon achieving the next level of hyper-personalisation and playing a leading role in the direct-to consumer revolution.

You’ll achieve this by learning how to master identity, balancing the mix of in-house and outsourced skillsets, and yes, delivering a total customer experience.

This year's imperatives

Delivering the total customer experience.

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Marketing now is responsible for growth and must stretch its purview to include ownership of customer data and the overall customer experience. This can’t be achieved without a clear connection to all customer-related business functions: sales, service, finance, logistics, product, channel etc.

The ownership of identity as a key business advantage.

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Brands have a common vision of right time, place, person, and message delivered in real time across the customer journey, while also providing more effective, hyper-personalised service and commerce. This vision is only as good as a company’s ability to know who it is really talking to at every touchpoint.

Enabling agility through strategic sourcing.

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Calibrating the marketing resource mix is no longer solely about cost. It is also driven by more strategic priorities, including agility, accountability, and innovation. This is not an either/or decision between bringing everything in-house or relying exclusively on external partners.

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Here's what it looks like when marketing doesn't put people first.

We support you implementing hyper-personalization.

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