Mobile Customer Experience

Customer loyalty with Adobe Experience Platform

This is how your data-driven, personalised customer experience is created with the Adobe Experience Platform.

In the fast-moving digital business, customer loyalty is a decisive success factor. Personalised brand experiences along the customer journeys are a suitable measure for this: According to a study by market research institute ifh Köln, Personalisation is a key factor for customer loyalty, particularly for younger audiences. 

54 percent of consumers aged 14 to 29 agree that personalised offers and services are decisive for customer loyalty. 

One of the market leaders in personalisation and automated marketing is the software supplier Adobe. The Adobe Experience Platform combines the data of all your systems into always up-to-date customer profiles. This enables you to automatically adapt your customer journeys to the preferences of your users in real time.

Learn now in our free e-book, Take Command of Your Customer Experience with the Adobe Experience Platform, how to...  

  • easily¬†connect¬†customer¬†data¬†from¬†Adobe¬†tools¬†and¬†other¬†MarTech¬†systems,¬†¬†

  • analyse,¬†enrich, and¬†add¬†value¬†to¬†data¬†in real time,¬†¬†

  • use¬†data¬†governance¬†features¬†to¬†make¬†customer¬†information¬†privacy-compliant,¬†¬†

  • leverage¬†Adobe Experience Cloud¬†for¬†your¬†journey¬†to¬†becoming¬†a¬†customer-centric¬†organization.

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