Car sharing for all participants - Made in Switzerland

The provider Sharoo from Switzerland has made it its business to push car sharing in Switzerland

Sharoo's value proposition is "to use existing resources efficiently, provide urban relief and move people in a liberated way.

More and more people live in urban areas without a car of their own and the car as a status symbol has become obsolete. Yet city dwellers do not want to do without the comfort of a car. According to Carmen Spielmann, CEO and co-founder of Sharoo, Sharoo offers mobility at the touch of a button and thus always has the right car at the door, without any fixed costs.

Sharoo sees itself as a marketplace that connects private and business car rental companies with private and business tenants. A kind of Airbnb for cars. According to its own statement, the company has brokered 100,000 customers and has already driven over 4,000,000 kilometres.

In the course of the company's history, a lot of companies have met very few startups. And thus the transition to learning with a focus on organization.

  1. People. You need a mix of talented rebels (who don't ask what to do but what they can do), constructive nonconformists for the ideas and irrational optimists who don't need to know all the numbers at the beginning.
  2. Set up & leadership - facilitator. Classical leadership approaches and incentive systems no longer work, intrinsic motivators are important, leadership also becomes a facilitator, which enables the development of creativity through 'carelessness'. And this in turn requires trust, freedom and transparency.
  3. Framework conditions. It takes courage and consistency, as well as the time needed for this, and a definition of the maximum loss to allow the freedom. EBIT or similar are not suitable as benchmarks, but a definition of what the Group wants to learn. And banal but important is the desire to learn honestly.

Innovation is a basic attitude of a company that creates the appropriate framework conditions.

Carmen Spielmann von sharoo
Carmen Spielmann ist CEO und Co-Founder von sharoo