Thank you for joining us into this inspiring set of Salesforce events across our central regions.

Salesforce Live Tour

We had the pleasure to sponsor the Central Salesforce Live Tour 2022 and be part of this emotional tour full of inspiring keynotes, breakout sessions, and networking with customers, partners, and fellow Trailblazers. Together we explored the Salesforce ecosystem, discovered how to build an amazing customer-first strategy and drive the digital transformation of your business.

Our key takeaways from Salesforce Live:

1. Innovative insights

We learned more about how companies can act faster, cut costs, and innovate more with the latest Salesforce solutions. Many inspiring speakers on the stage talked about trends topics and Trailblazers inspiring stories.

2. Customers first with Customer 360

Lots of breakout sessions dedicated to Sales, Service, Marketing and Commerce made us dig deeper into each business area, focusing on how to exceed customers’ expectations using tools and technologies that help to connect the dots between different interactions, devices and touchpoints that customers have with brands.

3. Trailblazer community

It was exciting to connect and exchange ideas with our Trailblazer community, Salesforce experts, partners and expand our network.

Merkle on the stage:

We also had the terrific opportunity to be there with our clients and bring on the stage what we have been working on together, showing our expertise and our client's success stories.

Here below you can find all our sessions at the glance:

October 10th in Prague

Session: Multi-cloud implementation for financial services

We discovered how Volkswagen Financial Services and Merkle integrated main Salesforce clouds into their ecosystem. Pavel Kučera and Josef Gorgan discussed the importance of proper planning, effective vendor-customer collaboration, and the main challenges overcome throughout the three-year project.  

Pavel Kucera Josef

November 2nd in ZĂĽrich

Session: Customer-data driven marketing at Richemont and IWC Schaffhausen

We discovered how IWC Schaffhausen and Richemont have been building their Salesforce Platform over the years together with Merkle. Martin Becart, Stefano Crepaz and Nicolas Delaplace discussed how they’ve been creating a unified customer view across the channels. These investments have enabled Richemont to create a unique customer experience, serve their clients better and launch highly personalized marketing campaigns faster. Online and offline.

Martin Becart and Stefano
nicolas delaplace

November 10th in DĂĽsseldorf

Session: The Philosophy of Freedom

We discovered how Alnatura integrated Salesforce solutions supported by Merkle to create a holistic customer experience to be prepared for the future. Sebastian Immer together with Natascha Noetzel and Thomas Kühner from Alnatura discussed how to implement their understanding of values in the digital age and how to transform this into a digital vision that still creates meaningful value for their customers.

speaker dusseldorf
speaker dusseldorf

November 22nd in Vienna

Session: The customer-centric digital transformation of a traditional business

We discovered how Merkle and STEFFL created together a unified customer view across all channels. Christine Kainz and Mathias Fanschek discussed how we support the digital transformation of STEFFL department stores through Salesforce CRM as a single point of truth to store all customer and STEFFL The Club data.

SF Vienna