Digitale Transformation - Using the example of Emmi

We show what consumer experience looks like at Emmi and explain the process behind it

At first glance, one might think that the potential for corruption in its industry is low. However, Emmi has decided to approach the change strategically with a focus on customers and consumers in the areas of marketing and sales. The traditional marketing model is working worse and worse in a data-driven world. Emmi already manages a large number of digital touchpoints and platforms. In summary, they are developing the following skills.

Am Arbeitsplatz bei Namics

With his illustration Marcel shows one of the central questions very concisely. The same, very successful and simple product, adapted to the needs of the customers.

Essential to achieve the desired goals is the collection and aggregation of data. Quantitative knowledge about customers and channels. A classic omnicanal thinking. At Emmi they call this the "Consumer Golden Record".

In their world, too, it is extremely important to experiment across iterations. And above all against potential resistance. It is therefore very important for them to involve affected people at an early stage. As an example, he shows the internal dialogue in the context of the introduction of a chat offer for the customer dialogue.

Finally, Marcel shares with the audience a slide on the previous learnings. Many thanks for this!