Three Salesforce Marketing Champions for Merkle

Great recognition for our Salesforce expertise in products and building relationships with digital marketing.

Marketing Champions

Congratulations! Our three colleagues Ekaterina, Justinas and Jan were announced “Marketing Champions” by our partner Salesforce. They have achieved expert-level product knowledge, serve as active and involved leaders in the Trailblazer Community and drive sophisticated product implementations. For the next year they will also help others in the Salesforce ecosystem. 

We have asked them three questions. Let’s hear what they have to say!

Marketing Champions 2
Our Marketing Champions: Jan Slovak, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Lead Consultant, Ekaterina Obolenskaya, Salesforce Data & Identity Lead, and Justinas Pesliak, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Practice Manager.

1. What does the title “Marketing Champion” mean to you?  

Ekaterina: Being named Salesforce Marketing Champion means being globally recognised by Salesforce as a master marketeer as well as being part of the strong and supportive Community of other proactive, talented and experienced professionals, from whom you can learn and with whom you can share your knowledge and create great things together. 

Justinas: It's a huge pleasure to be a part of this special community within the Salesforce ecosystem and reinforce the feeling that years of work within Salesforce products is bringing a real impact to the businesses and people lives. Besides the personal recognition, I’m even more pleased that we have three Champions in our Prague team – this is truly amazing and reassures us that our expertise and contribution to wider Salesforce community is significant. 

Jan: The Marketing Champion title means to me, that the expertise we have in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and the enthusiasm we are putting in is starting to be seen not only on regional level, but it’s being recognised globally, which is very exciting. 

2. How does the title help or change your daily work? How does it help you to provide the best solutions for our customers?

Ekaterina: This title is an additional layer of self-responsibility and also trust from the client's side. Every project with the client is a new challenge which you approach with an innovative and creative format and, of course, with a high level of professionalism and extensive knowledge.

Justinas: While being part of a consultancy business, we always try to be on top of system capabilities and help our customers to get the most out of it, which is often more complicated than it sounds ?. Being part of Champion Community gives a great chance to exchange ideas and concerns with other highly qualified SF professionals and make sure that we help our customers to drive positive change in their marketing processes. 

Jan: The Marketing Champion program gives us an instant access to a community of world-class consultants and Marketing Cloud experts, which would be a huge benefit just by itself. But I hope it will also serve as a proof to our current and potential future clients that we are doing an outstanding job and that they are in good hands.

3. What do you expect from the coming year as a Salesforce champion? 

Ekaterina: I expect it to be a very interesting year, as new Champions were accepted into the Program. It means more new stories to share, more collaboration and more knowledge sharing events that will happen, hopefully both online and onsite. 

Justinas: I do hope to have a chance to contribute towards the product development roadmap. While the Salesforce Marketing Cloud is definitely an industry leading platform, there are still areas for improvement and I’ll be very glad to add my small part to that. 

Jan: I’m looking forward to having more close contact with people within Salesforce and wider Marketing Cloud community, participating in events and overall having fun. Also, the SFMC community have been essential when I was gaining all the knowledge about Marketing Cloud and I feel this is a great opportunity to give some of that knowledge back and help the community to grow.