Marketing Transformation

Why marketing needs to transform to become marketing again

Learn how becoming experience-driven and truly personal creates impact for customers and businesses.

As we are moving away from the conversion-driven personalization to being experience-driven and truly personal, the concept of marketing transformation means purposeful change – for both customers and businesses. It puts the customers and their journey over time at the center of every thought and action. By showing up at every micro-moment of interaction with the customer, you can create experiences – and over time establish deeply entangled relationships with your customers.

Entering the road of marketing transformation might seem challenging and overwhelming. We have identified five dimensions that must be considered when embarking on this transformation journey.

The future of customer experience is personal – informed by data, powered by technology, enabled by new skills and processes, and delivered through creativity. The ambition is to deliver this total customer experience.

To become truly people-based it is time for a transformation of marketing. What it takes to do that we’ll be showing you in this whitepaper.

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